InfoHound Gives 10 Reasons Solopreneurs Need YouTube

10 Reasons Solopreneurs Need to Use YouTube

Ten Reasons Solopreneurs Need to Use YouTube
In Your Marketing

Using YouTube to market your business is really a no-brainer. But if you’'ve been hesitant to take the plunge, you might want to read over these ten reasons to market your business using YouTube.

1. It’'s Free – – Using YouTube itself is free. You can spend money on production or promotion, but the tool is free for anyone to use. This makes the barrier to entry extremely low and gives every business the opportunity to succeed on YouTube. Please tell me you already knew that YouTube is FREE and everyone can easily get an account?!

2. Great for SEO -– Google owns YouTube. Google loves products that it owns. Google just might give extra love to content created by or shared on platforms it owns. Oh, and did you know the #2 search engine in the world is …. YouTube?!  Look, you can't game Google and there are NO magic silver bullets to improve where you show up in search. It takes work.
BUT .. since search engine optimization is still important for any business operating and marketing online, it behooves you to use a tool/platform that by its very nature helps you get seen and found in search results. YouTube helps your SEO by providing authoritative backlinks to your website. Plus, once you have video content (that has been indexed, and liked, and watched) then your videos and your business show up when people search on Google for the topics you talk about.

3. Great Way to Educate Your Audience –-  Sometimes it can be hard to explain the importance of something via text. It can also be hard to explain how to do something that requires complex instructions. But, using video eliminates these issues and allows you to show someone a thing as if you are in the room with them.

4. Build an Audience from Scratch –- Even if you are starting with zero audience, you can build an audience on YouTube. Yes, there are billions of videos on YouTube. Yes, 300 hourse of video gets added every day minute! But … depending on your niche, your industry, and your particular target audience, your market may not be glutted.  You can still build a presence and become a known authority, maybe even a YouTube ‘star'.  The trick is to make quality, engaging, audience-grabbing, targeted content on a regular basis.  [THAT's a topic for another blog post. Or … hey … a VIDEO!]

5. Builds You Up As an Expert –- Giving presentations and being able to boil down issues and steps into something others understand establishes you as an expert like no other thing. Giving a video presentation, showing AND telling for a recorded webinar or a tutorial, or a screencast, or an interview – well, that's the next best thing being live.  Being literally seen as you demonstrate and give help is a sure way to establishing expertise.

6. Builds Trust – When people see your face and hear your voice, they are going to feel as if they know you. This is going to build up your trust quotient with them on a large scale. Keep your videos targeted, to the point, and consistent in ideas and content.  Give them a specific action to take after each video. Always be friendly and helpful, and your viewers will turn into customers or clients who will purchase from you.

Another way to build trust and be seen as an expert – make sure your YouTube Videos are branded! Add your logo as part of intro and in your call to action. Good news – here at The InfoHound that's a specialty service I offer!

7. Your Video Will Be Viewed –-  Over half of all videos posted on YouTube get some form of rating, which means that your video will likely be seen even if you did not promote it at all. As more videos are added every day, this is a bit less likely to be true and effective. So of course, you are going to promote your videos (like all your content) because that'’s the best to ensure your engaging, helpful, on-point content is seen.  Spend at least twice as much time promoting as you do creating.

8. People Like Sharing Video -– Studies have shown that videos shared on Twitter are more likely to be viewed than blog posts without video. Images are more likely to be shared and viewed than text, but videos are even more likely to be shared and viewed. The internet loves video. The internet really loves pets, cut kids, and funny mistake videos – so if you can somehow work that into your business niche, SUPER DUPER!  😉

9. You Can Measure Success -– One really awesome part of online marketing is the ability to measure almost anything you do. In fact, it's really essential that before you set out to do ANY kind of marketing online, you first set up how you'll measure what you're doing. [that's part of the SMART Goal setting]. YouTube makes it very easy to measure the results of what you’re doing. You can also use a service like SocialBlade to help.

10. Great for Feedback -– YouTube members love leaving feedback on videos, so if you ask for it, be ready for it. They will tell you what they think pretty quickly, especially if they disagree with you. But, you can get a lot of content from the feedback and questions asked on each video you upload.

Need more proof about YouTube's power?

Ok, don't just take it from me. 😉

How about from marketing expert and author Jeff Bullas?

Or statistics from Statistic Brain.  Or some more stats, from BrandWatch. Or 160 more incredible stats.

Worried that it's only kids and milennials (72% watch YT) using YouTube – fear not, 43% of all Boomers, who might be your C-Suite clients, are watching stuff on YouTube too. And Gen Xers (58%) like me, in their 40s-50s, watch plenty too.

Executives watch videos 59% in a survey said if text and video were both options for getting info on a topic, they'd choose video.  And this study says 54% of senior executives share those work related videos with colleagues. Don't you want your research, your services, the information on YOUR business to be chosen and shared?! Yeah you do! Video works.

Already, 9% of small businesses are using YouTube. But that number should be even higher!

Marketing on YouTube is lucrative for all forms of business

Sure, it can seem like a lot of work when you're a busy solopreneur and there's only so many hours in the day. I will never advocate that you need to be EVERYWHERE with your marketing. You need to pick the tactics and platforms that make sense for you, your time and resources, and most importantly, for where your clients are. But videos on YouTube can offer a lot of bang for the buck. Whether you have a digital business or an offline, physical, or bricks and mortar business, using YouTube to get the word out about your business is pretty crucial in today's video-loving online marketing space.

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