30 Day Challenge – Business building tips

30 Day New to You Challenge – Healthy business ideas

Thirty Day Challenge - business building ideasIt’s the 5th and final day of suggestions for tips, skills and communication tricks for you to try adding to your routine for the month of July. If you’ve been waiting for more tips on how to grow your career or build your business before deciding on your personal ‘new to you’ challenge – wait no more!

Here is a collection of 7 healthy business building tips to choose from:

  • Connect with 1 LinkedIn contact each day
    • This is just to check in and see what’s new with them; you’re not asking for anything, just building relationships.
    • Comment about something they’ve mentioned in a status, ask about news at their company, pass along a link to an article in their industry, ask about vacation plans this summer or ask about something else they’re interested in.


  • Contact 1 old colleague/client/customer/connection per day to reconnectBuild business via relationships
    • You can try the same things mentioned above, but if it’s been a long time since you talked or emailed, it may be enough just to say ‘hi’ and that X made you think of them and wish them well.
    • Later you can check back in with them again and send a more personal note or share some news, links, your own business doings after you’ve reconnected.


  • Call 1 customer each day
    • Get in touch with what they’re doing, what their current troubles may be, see how they’ve used (or are using) your product or service – LISTEN
    • You may be able to build case studies or testimonials from this; or even better, refine your products/services to match their needs.


  • Share some interesting industry news with your network each day
    • Via personal emails, an email newsletter, your Twitter feed, your Facebook page, especially good for your LinkedIn status, or on Google+
    • Curating content is hot these days, and relatively easy to do. Check back to Day 1 of this Challenge for a list of news sites you can mine for things to share.


  •  Ask a question of your target clients/prospects/customers each day – offline or online
    • e.g. LinkedIn Groups, Quora, other industry or product specific discussion boards or forums, on Twitter or on your Facebook business pg
    • Vary where you ask the question each day


  • Give some free advice to your customers/prospects each day
    • Give a tip on how to better use your product/service, how to use a different tool or some industry advice

Keep checking back here at The InfoHound.com to see how we’re doing on the 30 Day New to You Challenge! And please leave comments on what you’ve decided to do differently during July!


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