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8 Easy Video Ideas

Eight Easy Ways to Start Using Video In Your Marketing Right NOW


There are more than these 8 ways to use video marketing, but these are some ideas to help jump start things when you’’re just getting started with using videos for marketing. I’ll expand on these ideas later and show you some others.  Let’’s introduce the 8 basics and help you figure out how you can fit them into your marketing mix.

These 8 basics video ideas are simple enough for even the busiest solopreneur to start using to boost their marketing. Take a look and then ask me if you need help to figure out how you can fit one or more of these video ideas into your marketing mix.

  • On Social Media –- Sharing videos on social media is a great way to get more views and to offer your audience something new. Quick, short, to-the-point videos are an awesome way to encourage more engagement. Social platforms LOVE video and each platform has their own built-in video features that make it easy to share right on the spot. Pick the platform where you are comfortable AND where some of your ideal clients are hanging out and connecting – then just hit record for 30 seconds! (Need more hints? Do a quick peek behind the scenes at how you work; show off you using a tool or resource that’s key to how you serve your clients; talk through a key term or bit of jargon in your niche that maybe not everyone, not even your clients, really understands.)
  • Show Off Your New Products -– When you have new products or services to announce, make a video all about them. It’s a better way to explain how things work. And if you are creative enough, it won’’t matter if it’s a product or a service; you can explain it with video. Screen cast tools like Jing, SnagIt, or Screencast-O-Matic are perfect for these types of videos. (Hint: Jing is FREE, Screencast-O-Matic has free and cheap versions)
  • Demonstrate Your Skills -– If you provide as service, or your years of knowledge and experience are really the core to what you offer clients or customers, then you need to show, not just tell, what you do. While demonstrations can seem hard and like a next level in video creation, they’re really not. You don’t need fancy studio setups – screencasting software like Jing, SnagIt, or Screencast-o-Matic will work fine, or use webinar software like Zoom. If you do get just a bit more technical, set your smartphone on a tripod and go. Record yourself doing something that you know how to do, maybe even speed it up a bit, add some music underneath, and voila, you DO have a ‘fancy’ video that your audience will be eating up.
  • On LinkedIn – – A great way to use a video to help your audience get to know you better is to put an introductory video on LinkedIn. This is a great way to tell people who you are and what you do. Give them a little insight into yourself during the introduction.
  • In Newsletters – – If you send out digital newsletters to your audience, the next level is to attach a video to it. Many email services like MailChimp, GetResponse, ActiveCampaign, or AWeber (mine) already let you have a playable .GIF right in the body of the email. Some are experimenting with videos that play right in your email inbox. At the least, you can use a screenshot of a video with a link to it in order to get your email list subscribers more excited and engaged. Videos can encourage your audience to learn more about you, watch the video, and get excited about your offerings.
  • On Landing Pages – – Videos on landing pages have been shown to increase conversions by more than 80 percent. It’s imperative that a video on a landing page covers enough information to give your viewers the same information that would be on a written sales page. Use strong, emotive keywords, include text on the screen, a talking head, products, demos, and more to get your point across. (No, you don’t have to try and put ALL of those things in your first landing page video! Start with images and strong text on screen to convey the offer and desired action of the landing page.)
    An example – I create custom logo animation video clips for clients here  (check out sample reel) and for a recent offer I included a shorter version of my sample reel on the landing page to better show what I could do and what clients could expect.
  • To Explain a Hard Concept –- Video is a great way to explain concepts to your audience that are hard to explain in writing. If you really want to impress your audience, make an explainer video or a demonstration video, to show best what you want to teach your audience. This isn’t necessarily the same as demonstrating your skills – as it could be you teaching a concept from your field, industry or niche; or it could be you explaining a tough or unpopular position you’ve taken on a common concept; or anything else that helps shed light on a subject that migh have your customers feeling confused and turning to you for help on.
  • Let Your Audience In –- People love seeing videos about a “day in the life” of the experts. Think about – isn’t that the premise, and promise, of ‘reality TV’ – a sneak peek into the ‘real’ life of someone else? So create a little ‘Business Coaches of Philadelphia’ magic, or a peek into the life of ‘Real Market Researchers of Minneapolis’, or some a glimpse of ‘Management Consultant Minute – LIVE from New York.’  You can do this as polished or casual as you like. Make it a regular Friday series on Instagram stories or Facebook Live as a short glimpse. Or shoot plenty of footage and use it in multiple projects spread out over time. No matter what, just be you! The success of this style relies on being an authentic, approachable view into you and behind your business facade. If you can let your audience in behind the scenes of what you do, using video, they’ll feel even closer to you than before. Thus, their trust will grow, and so will their willingness to buy what you’’re offering.

There are plenty more ways to incorporate video into your business’ marketing efforts and I’ll be sharing more ideas here. I also want to hear from you – if you’ve successfully started using video, have you tried one of these 8 styles? Another video style? What’s worked best for you?

8 easy video ideas for busy solopreneurs

Pick one idea from this list and just get started!

Using these easy ways to market with video will increase the visibility of your business, help you show up in search results, boost your traffic, and be known. You can truly open up a whole new world with the video marketing realm. Video marketing is a highly effective form of online marketing that any business can use.

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