AIIP14 – Lessons Learned from Info Pros

So many great learning opportunities throughout AIIP14 that there were many lessons learned from info pros – veterans and newcomers!

The Inner Harbor hosted the 28th Annual AIIP Conference in Baltimore, MD for info pros, info entrepreneurs, librarians, data visualizers, knowledge managers, super searchers and whatever we (or our clients) like to call us!

AIIP14 Baltimore Info Pros

Gala Awards Dinner, Pisces club at Hyatt Regency Inner Harbor; photo by J. Burke

So many informative sessions, panels, presentations, tips and hacks!

There were pre-conference workshops (like mine on Strategy First! Marketing Muscle for Info Pros) covering marketing, conversational elicitation skills for CI, proposal to project success and taking stock before you begin independent info life.

There were tips sessions on data visualization and easy tricks for creating beautiful graphics, avoiding deadbeat clients, taking advantage of our wonderful AIIP vendors’ benefits, managing your digital legacy, neuro-linguistic programming (whoah?!!) and better virtual engagement when presenting online.

Wow – we are an accomplished and eclectic bunch of info pros!

A great session on info and data visualization from  Ben Licciardi and Marcy Phelps of Phelps Research:

“There is a simple way to package information, that under the right circumstances, can make it irresistible. All you have to do is find it.” – Malcom Gladwell in The Tipping Point


Mary Ellen Bates, winner of the Marilyn Levine AIIP President’s Award (and two-time past AIIP President), was teaching gold – again! This time on being a ‘Radically Nimble Info-Entrepreneur: Remaining Relevant and Maintaining Value’.

Want to see Mary Ellen’s presentation? Here ya go:


Cindy Shamel took to heart some of the B2B marketing tips presented and repurposed a presentation to showcase how to better work with independent info pros (IIPs):

Our international info pro friends brought a mystery caper to AIIP14, telling a story of international intrigue, art forgery, theft and non-credible witnesses. Arthur Weiss, Judy Koren and Michelle Bate combined to do some serious info pro sleuthing and uncover a forger and thief! Who says info pros can’t have fun AND be highly valuable?!


For the fun side – we Info Pros do know how to mix, mingle and let loose a little. Check out our swanky after-party!

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