Instead of same old resolutions for 2013, try Un-Resolutions

  It’s that time of year …  a new year equals new starts. We all resolve to do things differently. Again. How about really doing something different in 2013? Instead of the same old resolutions, how about some Un-Resolutions? Un-Resolutions? What are those? Instead of focusing on a list of things ‘to do’ – do […]

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12 Last Minute Business Book Gifts for Entrepreneurs & Small Business Folks

The 2013 Business Book-a-Month List The kind of New Year’s resolution we can all get behind – read more! Here are 12 business books to read in 2013. Read a book per month. Ok, read more. I won’t tell. Some of these business books are classics, others are new to the scene – all have […]

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Drinking from the info fire hose, aka “power searching”

It’s important to always be learning, even when you think you’re an ‘expert’. Maybe especially then! So I’ve been in DC at Web Search U learning to ‘power search’ with the pros. Rooms full of other information professionals of every stripe – business, legal, government, academic, independent. I’ve met folks from AARP, from the Naval […]

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Understanding search results can help your business

“social media may capture headlines, search is still the workhorse.” via Growth Strategies: How Keyword Research Can Help You Grow Your Business | It may take a little time digging around, reading stats and analytics, but it will be well worth your time. There is much to learn from the data on search results, […]

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Firefox fan? Then you might want to read this

I love .  I admit it. Gleefully. Better question may be, why don’t you love it too?  Reviews and tips on everything from browsers to electric toothbrushes, cleaning your old laptop, to how to properly wind your earbuds. It’s life made easier, and we can all use that. Now, I’m not a “fanboy” of […]

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Tips for new entrepreneurs

It might be questionable to make my first official post about an article with “stop f**king around” in the title. But there are some salient points raised here. First-Time Startup Entrepreneurs: Stop Fucking Around | TechCrunch. At first I read it and griped that it is focused on tech start-ups, coders, programmers, the next big […]

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