Dig up what Congress is doing

Congress.gov – the new THOMAS Digging up information on what Congress is doing – better legislation and government searching In these post-election, pre-fiscal cliff days, when Congress and government actions are in the news daily, it can be helpful to know where to look for good information. As of late September, help is coming! The […]

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Digital Public Library of America – Closer to Reality

Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) The dream of a virtual, digitally-based library for all the public is getting closer to reality. http://newsbreaks.infotoday.com/Spotlight/Concrete-Steps-Toward-a-Digital-Public-Library-of-America-85904.asp [Those who know The InfoHound personally know that digital libraries are a subject near and dear to the Hound. Years of academic research, thousands of pages of reading, hundreds of pages of […]

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10 Essential Resources for Bootstrapping Businesses

10 Essential Resources for Bootstrapping Businesses. A great list of 10 articles with wisdom that Mashable has collected from many other entrepreneurs. It covers a lot of the “what I wish I knew back then” moments and tools. It includes tips on hiring, best tools for start-ups, great looking home offices, growing your customer base […]

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Drinking from the info fire hose, aka “power searching”

It’s important to always be learning, even when you think you’re an ‘expert’. Maybe especially then! So I’ve been in DC at Web Search U learning to ‘power search’ with the pros. Rooms full of other information professionals of every stripe – business, legal, government, academic, independent. I’ve met folks from AARP, from the Naval […]

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Understanding search results can help your business

“social media may capture headlines, search is still the workhorse.” via Growth Strategies: How Keyword Research Can Help You Grow Your Business | Inc.com. It may take a little time digging around, reading stats and analytics, but it will be well worth your time. There is much to learn from the data on search results, […]

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Firefox fan? Then you might want to read this

I love LifeHacker.com .  I admit it. Gleefully. Better question may be, why don’t you love it too?  Reviews and tips on everything from browsers to electric toothbrushes, cleaning your old laptop, to how to properly wind your earbuds. It’s life made easier, and we can all use that. Now, I’m not a “fanboy” of […]

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Expand Your Search Engine Options

You know Google is not the only game in town, right? Right? If you’re shy about spreading your searching around, or leaving the Google comfort zone, here’s a great article to read. Expand Your Search Engine Options. A nice summary and description of some of the alternative search engines out there. And many of those […]

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