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Walk My Marketing Talk by Taking the Stretch Yourself Challenge

Walking My Marketing Talk – the 2019 Stretch Yourself Challenge on Content Marketing

It’s Always a Good Time to Stretch Myself and Re-find Marketing Mojo Sometimes, we who teach, aren’t so great at the doing and following of our own advice. Like when your parents yelled “do what I say, not what I do!”. Yeah, that was bogus. 😄 Still is! But life and business happens and sometimes […]

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30 Day Challenge – Business building tips

30 Day New to You Challenge – Healthy business ideas It’s the 5th and final day of suggestions for tips, skills and communication tricks for you to try adding to your routine for the month of July. If you’ve been waiting for more tips on how to grow your career or build your business before […]

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30 Day Challenge – Content Creation

Happy Independence Day! You’re Free to Try Something New 30 Day Challenge – Content Creation Content is king. If you’re in business then you know that marketing and traffic generation today revolves around having tons of useful, relevant, engaging content for whomever your audience is.   Creating content is not always so easy. But in […]

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