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Marketing Mix Monthly Roundup – April

Time for The InfoHound Marketing Mix Monthly Roundup for April! April showers are bringing May flowers, I hope! Chilly, wet April is ending and better spring weather should be around the corner. Meanwhile, it’s always sprouting useful marketing news here in The InfoHound’s garden. No marketing ‘weeds’, just good-for-you-stuff. Interesting mix of news on branding, […]

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More marketing muscle coming up!

The InfoHound wants to give all you InfoPros, librarians and solopreneurs some bigger marketing muscles! Starting in the month of May, there will be weekly posts focusing on marketing strategy, planning, content, building an authoritative online presence, plus plenty on tactics too in the weeks to come. I’ve already been sharing tips and resources on […]

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Marketing Mix Monthly Roundup – March

Time once again for The InfoHound’s Marketing Mix Monthly Roundup of news to use from around the web-wide world of marketing! The InfoHound has been busy this month – prepping to give a workshop on Strategy First! Marketing Muscle for Info Pros and other Solopreneurs at the AIIP 2014 Conference in Baltimore, MD. Plus, doing […]

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Marketing Mix Monthly – February Love!

Time for some marketing love! The InfoHound’s Marketing Mix Monthly Roundup   Rather than a lengthy rundown of every marketing nugget The InfoHound saw in February, here’s just a few of the best along with a bit more thought-provoking commentary. Or ranting .. it could be a matter of semantics!   Small Business Search Marketing […]

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Marketing Mix Monthly – January

 The Marketing Mix Monthly Roundup – January A bit delayed, yes. But have you seen how much snow the East Coast has gotten??! I’m busier digging than blogging these days. HubSpot – 12/31/13: ‘ When’s the best time to publish a blog post? Figure it out with a custom Google Analytics report’  Steps for smarter, […]

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Content and Social Media Marketing

More Marketing Mix Roundup – Social, Content and Nonprofit news

More Marketing Mix Monthly! News from November on Social Media, Content Marketing and Nonprofit Marketing  A continuation of the news roundup from November on top posts, articles and research in the various realms of marketing. So, if you’re iced in, snowed in, or just bored at work – take a break with The InfoHound and […]

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More of October’s Marketing Mix Monthly

October’s Marketing Mix Monthly – Part 2 As promised, here’s the rest of that monster round up of marketing news and tips from during October. On the 31st we scared up some news on Email Marketing, Video Marketing and Social Media. Today it’s Metrics, Strategy and Nonprofit related marketing tips. Enjoy the roundup! Metrics news: […]

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