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Strategy First – to avoid common mistakes in marketing planning

Put strategy first – before tactics in your marketing You’ll thank me for that advice no matter what industry you are in, small business or large business, B2B, B2C or nonprofit. Starting with a sound strategy – including clear objectives, measurable goals, metrics and THEN tactics  will lead to more successful marketing. I’ll be writing […]

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Marketing Mix Monthly – September blog round up

Compilation of the best blog posts on marketing in September! In true InfoHound fashion, we’ve found and compiled some of the best blog posts of September all about marketing! Marketing strategy, value, LinkedIn for marketing, video marketing, events and non-profit marketing tips. Hope you find these useful like the InfoHound did! And look for the […]

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Google takes away the keys to keyword research for marketers

Google, keyword research and marketers Well, hell. Figuring out how folks found your website and landed there has gotten a whole lot harder thanks to Google. A staple tool of webmasters (novice and pro alike) and marketers – keyword research – is changing or disappearing. Google has basically ‘hidden’ the search results of ALL users […]

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Learning to love change

Changes, tweaks and adjustments coming soon! A bit of remodeling and upgrading coming here to the home of The InfoHound. I’ve been watching videos & webinars; reading books, articles, blog posts, emails, trade press,  and magazines; attending events and conferences, ‘going to class’ and generally learning so much good stuff lately that my head might […]

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News of the month: Libraries, copyright, social media and freedom of speech

News you may have missed in the past month – Census advances, foreclosures and libraries, freedom of speech, copyright,  CISPA and personal data and the Pew Research report on Social Media Census Bureau Not from February but the end of January, but still important news!  The Census Bureau released new features to  its widely used […]

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