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10 Mistkes to avoid in email marketing setup

You're excited to be a joyful mompreneur and ready to grow your side-hustle or launch your business. One of the best steps is to create the best business-building and marketing tool out there – your own email list!

No matter if you’re a health coach, career coach, parenting coach, business coach, an author, a graphics whiz, or a mindset maven – it can be tough to build the kind of online business that gives you serious time-freedom if no one knows who you are or what you offer.

The power of a targeted, engaged email list is awesome!
You can setup and send nurturing or relationship-building emails, business-building offer emails, and more from anywhere! You won’t be relying solely on the shifting sands and ever-changing rules of social media.

You may have heard a lot of different advice about email. It could leave you feeling confused about the software options.  You have questions about getting people to join your list.  Gifts, forms, automation, types of emails to send - it can all feel so complicated.  You don't want to make any of the common mistakes that can happen with email marketing. You just want this to be joyful, right?

So just HOW do you get started with creating that mighty awesome asset – your email list.

You don’t have to go it alone!  I’ll guide you through just what you need to know to get setup for success with creating your first email list.

Get this FREE 3-part video series to walk you through the basic steps so you avoid the pitfalls and top mistakes. 

You CAN be on your way to building an engaged email community that can sustain and grow your online business.

Watch over my shoulder as we go inside some of the top email marketing software, show you how to be ready to welcome new subscribers, how to set up templates and simple automations to save time later, and tips on how to start nurturing the important relationship with your email list members.

See how to be setup for success with the marketing tool that you own and control. Email marketing is the strategy that lets you build your business from anywhere you are. 

Watch to Avoid the Top Email Marketing Setup Mistakes

Get this video series and learn how to set your new email marketing list up for success from the start.

The 10 Mighty Mistakes to Avoid
 So You Are Setup for
Success with Email Marketing

Get This FREE 3-part Video Series

Here's What's In the Video Series ...

3 part video training series on email marketing

Yes, you need email. Yes, it's still effective. Nope, doesn't have to be hard!

Let's go over the 10 mistakes to avoid so you are set up for success. All broken down clearly- no jargon, no super techie-skills needed. You've got this! 

  •  You Get What You Pay for ... or Not -  the free vs. paid debate
  • What's More Likely to Get a Click - an Email or a Tweet?
  • Stay Safe and on the Right Side of the Law - adding your contacts the right ways
  • Don't Make it Hard to Join Your List 
  • Don't Over-Complicate Automation
  • Look Sharp and Save Time Later - don't recreate the wheel with every email
  • And more simple steps to get your email marketing all squared away! 

Get this FREE video training today and walk through the simple steps to get your business-building asset started today - your own email community! 

Watch to Avoid the Top Email Marketing Setup Mistakes

Get this video series and learn how to set your new email marketing list up for success from the start.

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After coaching with Jennifer I was able to setup and launch my very first online product. Jennifer took the time to evaluate my project and gave specific and actionable steps to increase the value of what I was working on, all the way through completion. She walked me through the entire process of setup. With Jennifer’s help, I can now proudly say I am a published author of an online program.

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I'm Jennifer Burke, a fellow solopreneur and a marketing geek. Take advantage of my years as a marketing exec, researcher, and now teacher/trainer. I do the research so you don't have to.  I help solopreneurs overcome marketing tech + how-to struggles so they can confidently attract 'right for you' clients. Let's get your marketing mojo on!

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