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I can't wait to share tips and best practices for setting goals for your welcome emails, essentials of a basic 5 email path or plan,  how to both nurture new people and encourage them to take action with you, and get you to stop procrastinating on some of the most important emails you'll ever write and send!

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Email marketing still returns a high ROI for your business – IF you get your emails into the right inboxes and they get opened. Getting to the inbox may be a little different in 2024 as you need to be aware of major changes and requirements from two of the largest inbox/email recipients – Google and Yahoo. The major inbox sources set a start time for these changes as of February 1, 2024. These services

Simple Reasons Your Email Opt-in Gift Isn’t Converting to Customers – and How To Fix Your Freebie

It's Time to Fix Your Freebie and Make it Focused, Not a Fire Hose of Information! Online business owners, I bet your freebie (aka lead magnet or email opt-in gift) is not bringing you enough right-for you customers.  To attract loyal subscribers who turn into buyers, we want them to see results quickly, so they trust us and want our other offers. But if your email opt-in gift isn’t focused, it’s not doing the job.

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