Revealed: ​the Secret to Ending Content Block

​Sick of creating content from scratch every time? Or facing the dreaded cursor of "​writer's block"?

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​Jennifer Burke

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​1:00 PM


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​Join me and you'll discover:

  • Why writing one-off ​content is a total waste of time–and what to do instead to get your “one hit wonders” working for you forever!
  • ​​A genius way to never run out of audience-pleasing content again– don't go it alone, tap the power of the crowd.
  • ​Creating search-optimized long content - without spending a long time doing it!  
  • ​An easy content win you're probably overlooking - crowd-pleasing and money-making all in one! 
  • ​Dig a little deeper to create authoritative content - without brainstorming for hours or creating ​from scratch all the time!
  • ​Plus, little content tweaking "traps" that most solopreneurs fall into - and 10 small changes you can make to avoid the same mistakes. 

​Listen - I get it. I'm a busy solopreneur too. I've heard all the same advice about creating content, 'getting out there', and promoting so my business sticks around. Some days I start at the darn blinking cursor. 

From writing engaging emails to figuring out a sexy sales page to creating brilliant blog posts - it's a lot of content creation. A lot of what we do as business owners requires writing. But what if we weren't English majors and writing is not our favorite thing? For some of my solos pals, all this writing and consistent content creation is something that brings on hives! They fret, worry, or run for the hills! They dread more writing, especially if they feel their content isn't turning heads or converting readers to buyers.

Sound like you? You're not alone! I've slogged through a lot of advice, trial & error, so I can bring you some tips and shortcuts. Do yourself a favor and join me on April 8th at 1pm ET for this FREE, live webinar: 5 Tiny Content Tweaks for Mightier Content, to find out how to work less and get better results from every piece of content you create.

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Places on the live webinar are limited! Reserve your seat now and join us live for the webinar that will change the way you think about ​content creation. It's time to stop re-inventing the content wheel every week. Start making your content work for you long-term. Join me to learn how! 

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