Free Video lesson #1

10 Mighty Mistakes to Avoid in Setting up Email Marketing for Success

Watch the 3 videos to go through the 10 common pitfalls that online business owners face when getting started for the first time in creating their email marketing system and list. 

3 part video training series on email marketing

Each video gives you top points to be aware of, peeks inside some of the top email marketing software (including my preferred tool, ActiveCampaign), and advice on how anyone can get setup for success. You don't have to be super techie to take advantage of one of the best performing marketing tools of all time - email marketing. 

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 Video 2 - Set up to Save Time Later - Don't Over-Complicate It

  • Look Sharp - save time later by creating simple, good-looking, branded templates to use in all future emails
  • Automation is Awesome - Don't Over-Complicate It - automated email series are powerful! Create a simple welcome series to deliver your opt-in gift, introduce yourself, and give a logical next step with you. Make a good first email impression!
  • Don't Take Chances - test everything. Test how emails look in mobile, test your links, test automations, send yourself a test message, and get an intro to testing email subjects.

Video #3

Email Time

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