Are You STILL Putting Off 
Writing Your Essential Emails?


For Email to Work at Building Your Business You First Need to Build Relationships with Your List

You know the power of email marketing and started a list.

You know you the importance of those first, essential emails you send to welcome someone new to your email community.

Yeah, you know you need a relationship with folks before they will buy from you - but you still wonder how do you do that?

Maybe you've even attended a training on exactly what elements need to go into a plan for an intentional welcome series.

But you're still putting off writing those emails! You need help just getting them DONE!

The likelihood that your new members open up your other awesome emails goes up when you nail those 5 essential emails that build a connection AND lead to next steps with you.

This is a learnable skill. It's a repeatable skill. It's not about the tech. It's not magic. And it's not about being a super copywriter or marketing expert.

If getting these emails done and working for you has felt out of reach - know that YOU CAN DO THIS!

It's a lot like learning to tie your shoes when you were a toddler. It felt hard and frustrating staring at your laces (never mind you Velcro-kids!). Pudgy little fingers and wondering which way was a bunny supposed to hop or something?

But you learned to tie your shoes. And tie ribbons on packages and anything else that needed a little bow. It was a skill. You learned it, practiced it, and now you don't think about it.  

If you've been in business even a little while you know how important email marketing can be. You know you need to nail these essential, connection-creating emails so you start building real relationships with people. 

You know you need to get people to Know-Like-Trust you before they buy.

So ... why haven't you written your damn essential welcome series?

Why does the one you have feel so dang blah, meh, not doing anything? 

Or maybe you've been stuck in give-give-give mode and you never tell your new people how to work with you?

If you haven't taken the time to really focus on Know-Like-Trust and build a relationship, it would be like going from asking for a first date straight to buying a house and planning your future kids' names.

If you're in the same place I was in, I bet your current 'welcome' series is more like you waved 'hi' at someone on their porch as you drove by at 50 mph.

Your new email community member doesn't know a heckuva lot about you and sure isn't sure why they want to open your next emails.

What we want instead is to date each other first. Walk over to their house, smile, wave from the sidewalk, hand them a plate of cookies, and invite them over to the pool party happening every Friday night.  Hang out together by the pool, swap a few favorite recipes, before you take things to the next relationship step.

They are then REALLY gonna want to open the next email - with details of the next big party (ahem- your offers!).

You're smart and you probably know all of this already. So go get those emails done and create mighty new relationships!

If you're feeling stuck you could probably follow some videos. Or there are tons of good blog posts about welcome emails. You could time making templates sound like you.  You may have even learned the key elements you need in your emails from my webinar or my live videos. Cool! Go get those emails done.

But I'm willing to bet that if you're like me, and you're reading this page, then you and I both know that blog posts and video replays aren't cutting it for YOU.

You're worried you may mess things up or skip a step. Or it feels 'meh' all over again.

Don't spend your hard-earned creative time creating a mighty opt-in offer only to feel blah or skip the most-read, most essential emails you will send!

If you're still feeling stuck, you know what you REALLY need is accountability, time locked in your calendar, group support, and someone to guide and review your email progress.

I've solved this for you! Join my new group coaching to write your essential emails - we are WRITING these emails TOGETHER!

I know all about the fears and procrastination because I've been there too! 

My first emails sucked. I didn't have a real 'welcome' series at first - nothing beyond 'here's your mighty cool PDF - thanks'.  It didn't have a goal or a plan. 

As I built my email community and put the power of multiple opt-ins, multiple automations to work - I wrote better first emails. I was welcoming my new people, building relationships, and continuing the relationships with existing mighty pals in my circle.

You CAN be on your way to building an engaged email community that can sustain and grow your online business.

We can each do better with our essential emails. Which is why this is NOT a typical workshop nor a course. This is hands-on, guided, group time where we DO THE WORK TOGETHER.

Yeah, I'm writing right alongside you - rewriting my 5 Essential Emails to better build connections with my people.

No more procrastinating, no more wondering what to say, or how many emails to send.

Here's What's Inside -
 5 Weeks to Get Your 5 Essential Emails DONE - Together

Live, hands-on, group coaching and doing the work together
 to create your essential new subscriber connection building email series

This doesn't have to be as hard as we make it. You know what you need to do, so let's go get it done! 

You'll walk away with a structure, a plan, and a rhythm of writing emails that showcase you - a plan you can use for your next automated email series. 

Here's what's in the 5-weeks of coaching time together - running from October 21 to November 18:

  • Set your plan for your main essential email automation series  
  • Work backwards from your goal to outline your 5-email series
  • Understand the key components in those 5 emails - how each is essential  
  • We're writing together! - Each week is devoted to writing one of the 5 emails  
  • 60 min weekly calls - first portion for tips/coaching, second portion co-working or email reviews
  • Private online group for accountability, check-ins, and to share emails for group feedback  
  •  You can submit emails for review and suggestions for improvement

Because this is LIVE, hands-on, group time and I'm doing it WITH YOU - you gotta be there to show up and do the work. No guarantees of recordings. This is your opportunity to spend dedicated time writing, to get eyes on your emails, and no 2nd-guessing yourself. 

Who Is Jennifer?

Jennifer Burke of Mighty Marketing Mojo photo from Chorus Photography

I'm Jennifer Burke and I love learning, checking out new things, and "research" is practically my middle name! I'm a proud marketing geek. I dig into the techie bits that many biz owners hate. I believe in busting myths around marketing, calling out B.S. if I see it, and sharing what's exciting and amazing too. I love teaching small biz owners to find their own marketing mojo and confidently promote their businesses. 

What’s my email marketing story and why am I your best choice to learn from today? 

I bootstrapped and learned things the hard way nearly 10 years ago when I first started my online biz career. Sure I was geeky and bit extra techie, I was eager to learn, but I also paid extra for expensive tools because some guru or ‘expert’ said it was what everyone used. And like a lot of starting biz owners, I felt the siren call of 'free' and tried to make do with free email software and other free tools. I spun my wheels and stayed small.

I went to tons of webinars, lots of trial-n-error, more self-teaching, and I stayed too long with an email tool that was making it harder not easier. So I wasn’t writing or sending emails consistently enough and by business stayed small and quiet.

But when I reached out for help, made a tech switch that made things truly easier for me, I could easily show multiple opt-in offers, I wrote more emails, I was more connected to my community, I felt confident participating in lead generation or list-building events, and things took off. I wrote more emails, I was more ‘me’ in my emails, I was more confident making offers, I have grown my list in big chunks, and my confidence and business have grown too. I want that for you!

What Others Have to Say About Jennifer and Her Teaching

Val Solves ActiveCampaign

I was moving my email marketing over to ActiveCampaign and even though I watched the tutorials, I was still so confused on how it all fit together that I ignored using the program for at least two weeks. Jennifer took the frustration out of learning a new email program that was more advanced than I was used to. With her help I put together a complete automation, figured out how to use tags to my advantage, and connected multiple programs so they work wonderfully together as they are supposed to. She saved me so much time in the learning curve! I'm excited I can make sure my list is getting the exact info they are looking for.

Val Selby Coach

Fran's Sign-Up Success

I was working towards being involved in list-building event, but I was frustrated with trying to set up a sign up page. In one quick call Jennifer walked me through my email tech problems and in a very short period of time I had my signup page ready to go. As a result, I was able to participate in a giveaway and add almost 100 people to my mailing list!

Fran Watson Coach/Career Coach

Frequently Asked Questions

But what If I Use XYZ Email ....? 

No matter what email software you choose - you need a good welcome series.

I believe in teaching you fundamentals you can apply no matter what your business or what tools you use. The emails we write together can be used in ANY email marketing software that allows you to create multiple email automated series.

Note: Many of the free or lower-cost email marketing software do NOT include email automation or won't go beyond one email - check to make sure you have the full power of automated email capabilities with your software or consider switching to a plan or service that has this key feature. 

What If I'm Not a good writer or don't know what to say? 

I've got you covered! You have stories, you have things to say, you just need some nudging and structure. Plus if you are a Fast Action-Taker you will get a BONUS pack of email outlines and ideas for what to write, good for even after your welcome series. 

I Don't Have a List Setup Yet ... Will This still help me?

It will help you to get started on the right foot as you start building your list and welcoming in new members to your community! You'll learn a lot on the basics of one of the key parts of email marketing - welcoming new subscribers automatically and beginning a relationship with them. 

But if you're really new to email, you should probably grab my course all about how to setup a list, create forms, add them to your website, and get ready to send emails. Ask me and I'll send you a special coupon for 50% off my Hell Yeah You CAN Start Your Email List course.