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Your Email Gift May Not Be Attracting
Your Right Customers

You Need to Fix Your Freebie - FAST!

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You're Working to Build Your Email List,
But Your Gift May Be All Wrong

As a coach, author, speaker, course creator or consultant you were advised to “build your list” and go all in on email marketing because YOU control it, unlike social media. And that’s still great advice! I mean, have you seen the mess of social media lately?! 

But too many of the hard-working online biz owners I’ve worked with or talked to online are missing the mark with their email opt-in gifts.

Formats that don’t fit. Titles that don’t tell anything. Too much information crammed in, like hitting people with a fire hose.

Your new list members feel overwhelmed, uncertain what to do next, don’t see results, and don’t turn into mighty, loyal customers.

Too many email opt-ins that just aren't focused and hitting the right spots to get subscribers excited and taking action.

You want your new subscribers to see results quickly, get to know and trust you, and want your other offers. You want them excited to open your emails.

If your gift is blah, fuzzy or unfocused it won’t do the job.

Don't miss out on sales opportunities, let's fix your freebie - fast!


Roz Rocks Email Now

I have been procrastinating on email marketing because, while I know it is important, I made it so important I was afraid I would get it wrong so I never actually did it with any consistency.

Working with Jennifer helped develop the skills I need for my emails to not only be effective but fun!

I Want Email Marketing to Work Mightier for You!
Fix a Blah, Unfocused Freebie to Attract +
Convert Your Ideal People

My tips cheat-sheet is focused, just like you want yours to be!

Normally  this small, but mighty tips sheet plus bonus video could sell for $17 - but you can get it FREE.

  • Learn the 4 things a good gift must do 
  • The 6 types of gifts that are working right now 
  • Discover the questions you need to ask - and answer - to fix an existing freebie or create a mightier new one
  • BONUS: video discussion of examples of blah vs better email opt-ins and the 8 tips
Mighty Marketing Mojo Fix Your Email Freebie digital tips guide plus video

I'm Jennifer Burke, a fellow solopreneur and a marketing geek. Take advantage of my years as a marketing exec, researcher, and now teacher/trainer. I do the research so you don't have to.  I help solopreneurs overcome marketing tech + how-to struggles so they can confidently attract 'right for you' clients. Let's get your marketing mojo on!

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