Build Your Email List Faster with Easy-to-Use Templates

Mock up of digital product Canva templates to create email opt-in

Download my time-saving templates to create your email freebie/lead magnet in Canva.

You know you need to build a targeted email audience. The best way to do so, fast, is with a focused freebie offer.

Ya know, an opt-in gift, a lead magnet, newsletter incentive, content upgrade, etc etc.

I'm betting yours needs to be better! ;-)

Deliver quick, actionable tips to help solve a single problem your audience has. Don't overwhelm them with too much info! You don't want your great free offer to sit gathering digital dust on someone's hard drive.

Mix-n-match the 13 pages in this free template pack to create a short checklist of valuable tips, or a mini planner, a worksheet to guide them through key steps - you choose what fits your business and audience. Customize the pages for your colors, style, and get your gift done fast!

All the template elements work with a free or paid Canva account.

Create Your Opt-In FAST with these FREE Templates

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