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GREAT Tech Choices 

Overwhelmed by all the marketing tools + tech out there?

Stressed about what options your budding solo biz really needs?

I get it .. when you’re starting online as a solopreneur, or when you’re switching modes and trying to power up, there are so many options out there it’s overwhelming. There’s so much software, so many apps, so many different options and tips being thrown around or released every week. It can be hard to sort them or figure out what fits YOUR business and budget.

  • You’re trying to figure out what email marketing service to use or how to set up an auto-responder. (you might even be wondering why you need an ‘autoresponder’)
  • You’re sure there’s gotta be something easier than Photoshop or more nuanced than PowerPoint for creating those must-have, shareable images for blog posts.
  • You’ve wondered what the differences are between all those social media tools and will any of them hurt more than help? (ooh, let’s talk about a few social media myths too!)
  • You’ve asked "do I really need to buy this gadget/widget/plugin/software??"  (maybe not! But sometimes, you really do need the paid version of a tool. Let’s talk about making the decision!)
  • You wish someone would just point you in the right direction and say "here, try this one"  

The answer ...

Start simple, start smart. Leave yourself room to grow.

Easier said than done, eh?  

Let my workbook guide you through making GREAT decisions about what you need for creating an online business

Mighty Marketing Mojo Make Great Tech Choices Online Business workbook

This is my jam! My colleagues and community love that I do all the research on marketing and tech so they don’t have to. You can spend more time doing what you do best, serving your clients, making an impact, building your business’s bottom line. That sounds less stressful, right?!

I basically got a graduate degree in finding out info and sharing it. I I LOVE checking out tech and tools and sharing the wisdom so my fellow solos can make sense of it and get back to actually doing business!

Thank you Jennifer! This was great info about new marketing tools to try. I always look forward to the Tool Talk webinars you do.

Charlene Burke, Researcher, Writer, Facilitator at

“Thanks for doing this marketing webinar. I didn’t know about any of these tools! Not sure which I’m trying first, but I’m saving all my notes!”

- Shelly -

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