Are You Stressed By the Tech for
Your Online Business? 

Stop Letting Tech Terrify You and Hold You Back!

You CAN Discover How to Make GREAT Choices

Discover My Framework for Evaluating Software + Tools

Don't Get Distracted by Every Shiny New App

Save Time + Money, Get Back to Doing What YOU Do Best - Help Your Clients!

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Are all your marketing tech options causing stress and headaches?

  • Does it feel like hamsters took residence in your brain and it's just spinning trying to figure out your business technology questions? Spinning around looking at every email marketing service out there? 

  • Is your inbox filled with announcements of shiny new software - each promising to be THE SOLUTION to your email/video/productivity/design/photo/accounting woes?

  • Did you buy an app or a software service that seemed like such a wild good deal ... but no one has heard of it, no one seems to be able to answer your questions, and you're pulling out your hair?

  • Have you used up the last of your patience, energy, and brain cells Googling and reading reviews about landing pages, or funnels, or social media, or website builders ... or just ALL of it!?

Are You Sick and Tired of Tech?!

I get it ...

Because I've been there too.

I've fallen for Shiny Object Syndrome.

I own more pieces of video creation software than anyone who is not in the media business should have.

I wasted my time and my money chasing after options and promised 'solutions'.

And even though I research everything - I have a Master's degree in finding info for gosh sakes - I would sometimes get stuck with 'analysis paralysis'. Even I got tired of all the searching!

But I've figured out a different way to approach decisions we need to make on software and tech ...

Take Back Control Over Technology 

Maybe you don't need to buy the thingamajig you're shopping for!

Maybe you need something else.

What you definitely need is to spend less time researching and stressing. 

Good news!

I Want to Share my GREAT Tech Choices System to Help You Save Time and Money

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Jennifer Burke of Mighty Marketing Mojo photo from Chorus Photography

I'm Jennifer Burke and I love learning, checking out new things, and "research" is practically my middle name! I'm a proud marketing geek. I dig into the techie bits that many biz owners hate. I believe in busting myths around marketing, calling out B.S. if I see it, and sharing what's exciting and amazing too. I love teaching small biz owners to find their own marketing mojo and confidently promote their businesses. 

I bootstrapped and learned things the hard way nearly 10 years ago when I first started my online biz career. Sure I was geeky and bit extra techie, I was eager to learn, but I also paid extra for expensive tools because some guru or ‘expert’ said it was what everyone used. And like a lot of starting biz owners, I felt the siren call of 'free' and tried to make do with as many free tools as possible. I also made some spending decisions I regretted. I spun my wheels and stayed small.

I went to tons of webinars, lots of trial-n-error, more self-teaching, and I stayed too long some tools that made it harder not easier. But it was when I reached out for help that things started to click.

I went back to my research roots. I learned to stay away from most of the shiny new software! I started asking smarter questions about my own tech choices - and I learned to guide my clients to do the same. 

Now, I avoid distractions and have a repeatable system for asking questions and evaluating options. I want to teach you my system so you can tame your tech and take back your time. 

GREAT Tech Choices Workshop

Join me for a two-part, interactive workshop to discover my GREAT system

LIVE Workshop

Wed. Oct 21st 1pm ET

Thurs. Oct 22nd 1pm ET

Join me for this live, interactive group coaching workshop where I present my GREAT system and we work out how to make smarter choices so we save time and money. Let's avoid tech overwhelm move forward with more confidence. 

GREAT Tech stands for looking at and choosing tech options that are/will: 

  • Grow
  • Responsive
  • Easy
  • Appropriate
  • Trusted
  • See how to use my system + questions to evaluate our marketing tech options
  • Just because other businesses use something - is it right for you? Know what to look for!
  • Let's talk about when you see something that looks like an amazing deal - but is it really? (yeah I'm talking about you AppSumo, StackSocial!)
  • Let's talk through choices you've had spinning in your head about email, plugins, website building, video, or any of the other choices we face.
  • See the big picture view of how the pieces of the tech puzzle fit together in an online business.
  • Get my workbook, tool checklists, and related resources to help you make your next tech choice
  • BONUS: My guide with 30 top tools across several marketing categories - Social media, visual content, videos, graphic design, planning, productivity and more - I've done the research for you! 

Claim Your Seat in the Training!

Just $47

Live training + coaching, recordings, workbook, guide

Jennifer is my Go-To Marketing Tech Geek

Jennifer is definitely the "go to" marketing geek whom you can be assured will offer lots of great ideas and techniques to help you build your business, especially when you get "stuck". I had the pleasure of also working with Jennifer one on one and her teaching style is top notch.

Lynn Leusch
Crafter, Teacher

Jennifer Makes the Tech Easier to Understand

As I'm building my online presence, I'm doing some tech learning in my business and Jennifer is a really good person to talk about the tech with. She makes it easier to understand.

Get Over the Tech Troubles Mountain

Jennifer is beyond amazing at helping people climb their tech learning curves. I'm giving her full credit for my confidence to build my recent landing page!

Lane Therrell
RN/MSN, Health Coach

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Grab your seat early so you don't miss the LIVE training or access to any recordings and resources. 


Join Me And Take Action Today to Find YOUR Marketing Mojo!

I'm Jennifer Burke, a fellow solopreneur and bit of a marketing geek. Take advantage of my years as a marketing exec, researcher, and now teacher/trainer. I keep up on all the trends and tools so you don't have to. Let's get your marketing mojo on!

Jennifer Burke, Mighty Marketing Mojo

Jennifer Burke of Mighty Marketing Mojo photo from Chorus Photography