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Marketing Mix Monthly – July

Time for the July Marketing Mix Monthly Roundup! Marketing Mix Monthly

There seemed to be a definite visual marketing theme in links I saved for the roundup this month. So here are some good tidbits on video, visual learning and design.


Online Video.Net – 7/25/14: ‘Ogilvy and Google Detail Steps for Online Video Success’

“All marketing videos should lift the brand, create demand, increase sales, and diminish the impact of competitive voices.”

  • Create videos based on research and data
  • Start with your viewer in mind – what ‘journey’ on are they on?
  • Have a goal – for your marketing and for each video
  • Learn from journalists – the first 5 seconds of your video are most crucial – get their attention quickly, convey most important info 1st‘Getting Started with Video Testimonials’
[ok, this is not a current post from Wistia – a service I’ve only recently found – but it’s really good stuff. As are all the rest of their video trainings on … video. Seriously, they really demystify and take the scary out of video]

All organizations can benefit from some praise and kind words, especially from their fans.  Nearly all web readers, viewers, surfers and buyers use referrals, word of mouth or testimonials to make decisions … so start building your collection of testimonials!   And why not start with the powerful, engaging, make-better-connections medium of video? Wistia shows you how to get started.

HubSpot – 7/18/14: ’12 Reasons to Integrate Visual Content into Your Marketing Campaigns’Visual Learning

Visuals are powerful and they’re everywhere on the web – because they work! As humans we’re wired visually.

So take advantage of the power of visual learning to create more attention on your website, on Twitter, your blog and of course the naturally visual platforms of Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube.

“Your content can generate up to 94% more views if you add compelling visual elements and graphics.”

Infographic of 12 data-backed reasons to include more visuals in your web content – [snippets]



Marketing Profs – 7/9/14: 3 Ways to Visually Present Information (without spending a fortune)'

  1. Infographics – data + text + cool graphical design = easy to understand info
  2. Videos – because the average Web user watches more than 180 videos / month
  3. Heat Maps – image using colors in place of numbers to represent data; many websites are now using to translate + show data of where visitors are looking and clicking
Business Tips + Tools

Copyblogger – 7/23/14: ‘How to Market Your Freelance Business Without Feeling Like an Impostor’

Impostor Syndrome strikes many of us – especially some high achieving sorts and those who strike out on their own. [though I first felt it throughout my years in grad school and academia too – and I sure wasn’t the only one!]

Point is – you aren’t alone, you aren’t an impostor and you really can do what you say you can (well, at least most of the time I presume!).  So take a deep breath and relax … and also keep every scrap of praise, reward or recognition you’ve gotten so you can remind yourself when you need to that you are NOT an impostor – you’ve got this!

Stuart Davidson – 7/11/14: ‘ 30 Best Social Media Monitoring Tools for Your Business’

Because it’s not enough to be on social media, you have to watch/listen/monitor social media and what’s being said about your brand or organization – because people are talking.

Use social monitoring tools to: Listen, learn, react, improve

What to monitor:

  • Your Business
  • Customers
  • Competitors
  • Prospects
  • Industry
  • Keywords
  • Hashtags
  • Content

Here are the tools on the list I hadn’t heard of and am going to go check out – think I'll start first with the cool/odd names?!
[NOTE many of these are paid tools, and while some have free trials or lower level free versions, I found many are probably only suitable – read ‘affordable’ – by big companies or organizations]

Did you know that search trends are seasonal??!

From this article on Marketing Profs and research from WhosOn – it appears so. For example, retail searches start spiking as soon as September in anticipation of the holiday season and search on travel spikes during the summer (sort of a ‘d’uh’ – but then again, shouldn’t we all be planning summer vacation before it’s actually summer?!)

Finally, my favorite new design tool / toy

I love good design and beautiful typography. There are more tools than ever to help those who love and recognize striking design, but who are not designers.

My favorite tool – learning resource – in this area is Canva. I somehow got a beta invite months ago and love, love creating blog graphics, mini-infographics, social media headers and more with this easy tool. But on top of that, they constantly send out emails with design tips. Sure they’re teaching you how to use Canva, but they’re also just great design principles! Such as this recent one on using scale in your designs.


So read their design tips blog, then just go play around with Canva if you can get in … or ask for an invite!

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