Marketing Mix Monthly Roundup – May!

Summer is ComingConferences are over, holiday weekend is over and summer is coming!

Now there's finally time to gather up the Marketing Mix Monthly Roundup for May! exhibits at the 2014 STC TechComm Summit

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Whew. May was a busy month!

Lots of work, events, calls and travel. Had a great experience at the STC TechComm Summit in Phoenix and that heat (and the nice goodies) has me thinking about and ready for summer.

But before we all think of summer fun, let's get to the monthly round up of great marketing news and tips!


Starting off with one of the hottest items in Marketing in May – Mary Meeker’s annual internet insights. [Great highlights here of a dense, LARGE slide deck via TechCrunch]

Ok, maybe let’s start with why Mary Meeker’s insights matter – yes, she’s a Wall Street big wig whose specialty is new technology and the internet, but she’s been on target with her insights more than not and they influence tech folks far and wide. She’s been writing The Internet Report since there was hardly an Internet and Forbes called her ‘the Internet’s most analytical historian’. So, she’s worth a listen … or read.

For a take on what nonprofits can get out of the 2014 report and trends to watch (such as mobile, mobile, mobile and video!) see post from Caryn Stein of Nonprofit Marketing Blog.


VideoVideoMarketingNews_tablet – 5/5/14: ‘Why B2B Needs Online Video Just as Much as Consumer Brands’

Because the way people search and ‘shop’ for business services is changing just as much as how we buy consumer goods. Research is the name of the game – and video is playing a bigger and bigger role in search results for both products and services. Video can help with brand or company awareness, building a relationship, nurturing that relationship and converting people to buyers – and later fans.

Where to start? Convert your paper materials, collateral and FAQs on your website into video material. What are the common questions you get asked? If people ask for information on a product, service, program or offering, what do you tell them or give them? Turn it into a video. Even if it’s just a simple PowerPoint screen cast and voiceover.‘Pinnacle Debuts App for iPhone Video Editing’ – if you’re not using iMovie, this may be an alternative from long time video editing software guru, Pinnacle (Corel). Tons of impressive features turns you into a movie mogul on your phone (including picture-in-picture effects and 3D animations). Yes, it’s not only possible to shoot quality video from your phone, you can edit in quality too.

71% of Nonprofits use videoCMI – 5/18/14: ‘Using Video Content to Tell High-Emotion Stories – Nonprofit Marketing’ Video is a powerful story-telling tool and becoming a must-have in marketing toolkits for all organizations. But there’s still the problem of getting your videos seen, so they can have any impact.

CMI points out that using a ‘post-and-pray’ or ‘spray-pray-play’ type strategy isn’t going to work. Even nonprofits need to have a plan for getting their video distributed – aka, ‘shared’. Hoping is not a strategy. You may need PR, definitely blogger outreach, some boosted (read ‘paid’) social media targeting or retargeting. You also need a good story and a compelling video. While there are some good tips on that in this post, that’s more an area for other resources!

Social Mediasocialmediaicons

Social Media Today – 5/4/14: ‘Facebook’s Organic Reach Decline – how to respond’

We all know that it’s increasingly difficult to get your posts seen in fans Newsfeeds on Facebook- unless you’re paying for promotion, sponsored posts, etc. We’ve mentioned it here before. It’s still a sore spot with many brands that spent a lot of time, effort and perhaps money to build their following – and it’s really hurting small businesses, nonprofits and cause groups.

Post includes a few recommendations on what brands, small business or nonprofits with Pages might try to help boost their reach some. Test different types of content (definitely try more photos and videos – they seem to get good interaction); give incentives for sharing content (deals, coupons, codes, contests); and get beyond Facebook.

D’uh. No marketing campaign should rely on just one channel or source of traffic and attention.


RepCap – ReputationCaptial (‘Premium B2B Content Marketing’) : ‘Are you using the wrong hashtags for social media?’

Apparently there are ‘wrong’ and ‘right’ hashtags. Who knew?!

Some hashtags are just too generic to mean much other than punctuation or offer some witty, snarky commentary, or in-group solidarity. If you’re going to use hashtags in your business or nonprofit promotions, start with doing your homework and creating a strategy.

Sound ideas I can get behind for ALL types of marketing for ALL orgs – even more so in Social Media (where people tend to ‘wing it’ more often).

For example – see how the hashtag you have in mind is being used already (if at all) and what results tend to come up in searches on it. Who are the types of users already including it in posts? Are they your audience? Is it a good term, but one more commonly associated with another industry?

Think first, tag later!

[the article also has some good related posts linked to on social media, Twitter specifically]

Content Content is King, Distribution is Queen

MarketingLand – 5/28/14: ‘Infographic: Using User Generated Content’

  • how to get user-generated content [UGC] (often through promotions – e.g. ask customers to submit photos, videos, other content as way of entering contest)
  • feature and share the user content all over your website; make it easy for others to share

While this article is primarily about using UGC to boost sales, probably in a consumer-driven market (like retail), it can work for others, including non-profits. A cause, organization, association or local group (like a library) could use this same style of promotion.

For example, in a contest promoting National Library Week, have patrons submit photos of themselves with their favorite books via social media, tagging the library – have patrons vote on favorites. Winners get a book/reading/literary-related prize – maybe a signed copy of a book, a chance for a special meet-n-greet at an author event, their pictures made into posters in the library, ‘library patron of the month’, local business gift certificates, etc.

It’s all about getting those who already know and like you to work with you to create shareable news, images and other content. Have them be your advocates and bring others into your world.

QuickSprout – 5/28/14: ‘ When and how to use the Google Disavow Tool’

First, I didn’t even know about this tool and bet you didn’t either!

It’s part of the Google Webmaster Tools package – and if you’re building a site and getting links (I guess who isn’t?) then at some point you apparently need to start worrying about ‘bad links’.

Bad links are ones that Google thinks come from spammy, or potentially spammy, sites and which will harm your placement in search engine results lists. Google will penalize you for hanging out with a bad crowd, even if you did nothing. (wow, this feels like being a teenager?!)

So you use this tool to tell Google that you’re not really friends with those bad influence sites and ! no attention to whatever antics they’re up to.

There’s a lot more to it than this, which is why this in-depth article is really handy. It went over my head a bit the first time, so it’s bookmarked and I’ll keep referring to it as needed.

Ok, that's the wrap up for this month. An area missing? A topic you want more info on? Let me know and maybe it's in the next roundup!

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