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Marketing Mix Roundup – October’s Treat

No Tricks, All Treats for the Halloween Marketing Mix!


QuickSprout – 10/13/15: ‘7 Obsolete Social Media Tactics You’re Wasting Your Time On’halloween comic pumpkins

  • Stop posting things to SM whenever YOU feel like it – figure out when your audience is online and interacting on that platform, and schedule posts for those times 
  • NOTEthis doesn’t work for Facebook – this issue actually came up during a session I attended at LCC14 – Facebook was penalizing pages + posts for using apps like HootSuite and Buffer to pre-schedule posts, lowering reach even further than it’s already dropped.
    BUT – you CAN schedule a Page’s message/post from inside Facebook. Use the clock icon on the post box (beware – it may have moved for some Pages)FB Schedule Page Posts
  • Should be obvious – but don’t buy followers, fans, likes or any other measurement of social media engagement. The social platforms see through this – your ratio of real engagement tanks and so will your reach or the # of folks actually seeing you. Plus it’s spammy and scummy.
  • Not optimizing for social media posting – this one is a bit more technical – I think it deserves a separate post. But there’s a good illustration of the difference between regular and optimized Facebook posts for sharing links (one w/ photo, one without).

I will admit I’m not as hot on Patel + QuickSprout’s advice as I once was

Sure, there are good, meaty, in-depth posts here and guides to using social media and web tricks better. But other tactics just don’t feel right, and probably only work for B2C or internet marketers, tech star-tups or similar audiences. So read the advice Patel and QuickSprout give with a grain of salt and pick only the tips or tactics you can implement and see work in your audience.


SocialFresh – 10/2/14: “The Top 10 Corporate Blogs of 2014”

As judged by some expert names in marketing, blogging, content marketing and business (inc. Jay Baer, Katie Morse and Brian Honigman) – 100 entries whittled to 10, based on audience engagement (inc metrics such as # comments, social sharing), content quality/consistency, and calls to action (what clear action is asked for and strategy is being executed).

Some of the winners include well known marketing blogs (good, practice what you preach!) such as Buffer, KISSMetrics and HubSpot’s InboundHub – love all of those, plus some lesser known (to me anyway!) marketing type blogs. Gotta check those out now! Non-marketing blog winners included: Whole Story (WholeFoods) and First Round Review (startups, VC, First Round Capital).

There are some beautiful sites here – take a look for examples of good design, layout, user experience and photography. Even if you’re not in the same industries or a small fish, you can still look good and take lessons-learned.

Usually I save my commenting, or snarking, about Google for posting on G+  – yeah, meta.

Social Times – 9/30/14: ‘Google+ is the Social Underpinning for All Things Google’

But it’s good to read and think about what G+ means today and how to use it effectively – because it’s not going away. They say….

The main thing to know, it’s not Facebook or Twitter and isn’t trying to be either anymore. It IS however the way that Google is tying all its other properties together, socially. Google+ accounts link to YouTube comments, local business reviews, Google Maps, and of course the G+ Communities (arguably the only unique and thriving feature of G+). G+ is more about online reputation management – for users – and about creating more data for Google’s advertising – for them.

authorship-ends-experiment-ss-800Yes, Google has recently done away with authorship (those little headshot boxes that used to appear next to your links/posts/videos in Google search results), after all the work that bloggers and content creators when through to get their ‘authorship’ claimed and established. We all know that Google’s experiments don’t always live on.

But there are still reasons to have a Google+ presence – personally and for your business – let me go find some … [hmmm, maybe not] [still looking …   . . .

Ahh, finally, here’s a respected source with up-to-date info and reasons on why G+ still matters and what to do with it! SocialMediaExaminer – ‘How to Use Google+ Profiles and Pages for Better Visibility’

Just know that we all live in Google’s world and play be their rules- even when those rules keep changing.


Social Media Today – 10/20/14: ‘Content Marketing Minds – 1 in 3 Marketers Say CM Doesn’t Work’

Reports from the annual, and awesome, CMI (Content Marketing Institute) + Marketing Profs Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends Report 2015. This is THE state of the biz research and report (and they do similar reports for B2B, B2C, small business and Nonprofits).

Go get your copy right now. Then come back. I’ll be here …

Ok, the topline of the results as noted by SMT, is that marketers aren’t feeling optimistic about whether content marketing is working for them or not. More, they don’t feel like they’re doing it effectively.

2015-b2b-research-content-marketing-strategyWell, it’s not really that content marketing is failing … but that these orgs are failing themselves – because 53% of those surveyed still DON’T have a documented content marketing strategy!
So honestly, if they have no plan, how could they possibly know if it’s working or not?! [Good news, 35% DO have a documented strategy and some have at least a plan – in their heads]

Marketers who take the time to document their content marketing strategy are more effective than those who don’t.” [CMI]

Waiting for 2014 stats - will they be better? Will yours?

Waiting for 2014 stats – will they be better? Will yours?

They don’t have organizational support, or resources or metrics or a schedule – so of course there are going to be ways that content lets them down. And if your bosses think CM is just “ a lot of social media posting”, well, you have your work cut out for you, eh?!

Please, please – don’t let this continue to be your org!

Contact me and let’s talk about getting you a documented content strategy.


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