Would You Like Your Very Own 'Get Out of Marketing Jail' Card?

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Time to get unstuck!

You know what you want to create in your online business but the tech has you stumped and stuck. You spend hours researching which social media scheduler is best, how to 'do' video when you don't have a clue about cameras, wondering what's up with your email marketing, what software to use to create sales or landing pages on your site, or even how to start building your website at all. You have big dreams, an inspired vision, and awesome ideas – but they’re all bumping up against marketing roadblocks.

You feel like you’re trapped in tech quicksand. Every time you think you’ve got an answer, there’s one more thing to research, one more shiny tool, and pretty soon you’re overwhelmed and frazzled again. You’re not feeling any marketing mojo. You shouldn't have to be an expert in all things marketing + tech just so you serve your community and clients.

I’ve got you covered. I’m the ally on your side – your marketing sidekick – the person you can call on when you need to brainstorm or breakthrough.

I’ve been where you are. I’ve spun my wheels, banged my keyboard. But then I wrangled and tamed the tech, so I could get back to going forward in my business. I’ve done the hard work sorting this stuff out so that we can quickly figure out what works best for YOU right NOW.

It’s time to get YOU unstuck and moving forward again, too.

Time to meet your

marketing mentor + cheerleader! Time to find your mojo again

​Hi, I'm Jennifer

Jennifer Burke of Mighty Marketing Mojo photo from Chorus Photography

​Jennifer Burke

​Marketing Coach

​I’m Jennifer Burke, a fellow solopreneur and a big marketing and tech geek. My friends and clients love that I save them time and keep them looking smart because I do the research on marketing + tech for them. Take advantage of my years as a marketing exec, a trained researcher, and now a marketing coach. I keep on all the trends and tools you don’t have to. Let’s get your marketing mojo on.

get back in the game with my marketing + tech coaching

​When your biz systems crash, let's figure out a fix and way forward. When your brain crashes, borrow mine! 

This isn't group coaching or working through your whole marketing plan - it's ​​concentrated, hands-on, roll-up-the-sleeves-together time. These are one-off calls, tech consults, marketing tech coaching, tech setup, or us brainstorming as many solutions to a problem as we can in ​30 minutes - all to get you unstuck and going forward. It's more done-with-you, not simply done-for-you – we work together to get you solutions, so you’re less likely to get stuck in the same spot again.

​how some clients borrow my brain

  • ​We fix your freebie or create a new opt-in item to gain targeted subscribers to your email community.
  • ​Use my experienced, fresh perspective to revamp your sales or landing page.
  • Brainstorm your new product or course idea AND create a plan to get it done!
  • ​Figure out which calendar, email or social media tools are best for your business AND get them set up correctly from the start.
  • ​Destroy writer’s block and create a plan for your blog posts and emails. No more staring at your blinking cursor on a big blank page.
  • ​Use K.I.S.S. and simple tech to get your website up in a weekend (yeah, it’s really possible)

Borrow My Brain Retainer Package

The Borrow My Brain Retainer is $300 

​The package includes:

  • ​(6) 30-minute 'get out of marketing jail' blocks of time with me [​​You may combine 2 sessions for a 1-hour block. ​All sessions to be used within ​60-day period]
  • Recording of our Zoom session, notes, and any recommendations for tools or next steps
  • (1) follow-up email per 30-minute session for further troubleshooting

Have more questions, get stuck on new tech, or need more hours? You can buy another 3-hour pack of Borrow My Brain time!

​I invite you to fill out the form below so that we can see if we're a good fit together for the Borrow My Brain package deal, and to get you unstuck from marketing troubles. 

Borrow My Brain Package

Borrow My Brain Package

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