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3 Steps to Create a Good-Enough Goodie in a Weekend and Start Building Your List

Don’t over think it!
Create a problem-solving gift people WANT to opt-in for

With this workbook you can plan and create a mighty easy email gift in just a weekend. 

Mighty Easy Email Gift creation workbook digital version

You want to build an email list – cool!

Having an email-based community to connect with, send tips to, and share your valuable offers with is a mighty business-building move.

But it’s not enough to hang out a form on your site that says “sign up for my email newsletter.”

People are savvy and have full inboxes. There’s competition for their attention and their email address. They know you and I and every other business is going to market to them once they hand over their precious address.

People – yes even your ideal customers – are skeptical and likely don’t know you yet. They’re unsure about handing over that email address and getting marketing emails from you.

You need to create a compelling, engaging, focused email opt-in gift – a freebie, a lead magnet , a goodie –   to win your ideal folks over.

Let’s face it, most people love free stuff!

And you want a gift that shows you know you what you’re talking about and can help people. A gift that helps build those crucial Know-Like-Trust factors.

You want a gift that captures attention and resonates with your ideal people in a way that makes them go ‘heck yeah here’s my email!’

You need to offer them a gift that is truly valuable and helps solve a specific problem for them.

That valuable gift also needs to be mighty easy for people to use and see results.

Wow, that sounds like a tall order for a freebie and work for you!

Because you’re darn busy too, you need it to be quick and easy to create your free gift. . .

Your opt-in gift/lead magnet needs to be:

  • Quick to consume
  • Action oriented
  • Solves a single problem
  • Relevant to your ideal prospective customer
  • Available 24/7/365
  • Fast + easy for you to create so you don’t put it off!

You do not want to procrasti-plan this any longer!

You probably have ideas, notes, and PLR gathering digital dust on your hard drive that could be a valuable list-building gift for your audience.  If it were done.

 You don’t need to wait another month, 3 months, or longer to get a free gift done and OUT there.

You need to plan AND create your
Mighty Easy Email Gift (aka your Good Enough Goodie) in a weekend.

And you abso-freaking-lutely can do this!

Because you’re gonna grab up this low-cost workbook that guides you every step of the way to creating your easy, problem-solving, profit-making email opt-in gift. 😉

Get Your Mighty Easy Email Gift DONE
in just 1-2-3 …

In this workbook and mini-training you will be guided through these 3 key steps: 

  1. Plan It
  2. Create It
  3. Monetize It

Time to stop over-thinking, procrastinating, making things HUGE, or making it harder than it needs to be to get a free email opt-in gift created and out in the world.

Time to create an email gift that is targeted, valuable, simple to create, and easy to money-up so it can a business-builder as well as a list-builder.

You’re gonna do in a weekend what it originally took me weeks to do the first time I created an email opt-in gift! 

With a planning process and some tips from this workbook it’s fast and easy to create new email freebies and get them out there in front of mighty peeps like you. You’re gonna learn to do the same.

  • Plan who your gift is for  
  • Work through outcomes, results and what your ideal customer really needs from you
  • Discover the format easiest for you to create
  • Outline your gift for faster creation
  • Learn ways to monetize your free gift for evergreen biz-building
  • All in a workbook with clear, no jargon, no fluff steps

Just $27 for this guided workbook!

Including BONUS Video to Fix Your Freebie - The Mistakes To Avoid When Creating Your Easy Email Gift

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After coaching with Jennifer I was able to setup and launch my very first online product. Jennifer took the time to evaluate my project and gave specific and actionable steps to increase the value of what I was working on, all the way through completion. She walked me through the entire process of setup. With Jennifer’s help, I can now proudly say I am a published author of an online program.

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