Create Mighty, Easy, Amazing Vertical Videos ... 

Without Needing Special Tools or to Act Like a TikTok Teen

The Mighty Easy Vertical Videos HOW-TO's:
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Mighty Marketing Mojo's 5 Day Video How-to Creation Camp Challenge for easy mobile social videos

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5 Days of Easy, Step-by-Step Instructions, Content Creation, Posting + Sharing in this Mini Challenge/Camp

What If Videos Were Easy ... and Fun?!

Hey, coaches, authors, service biz pros, content creators, want to know what can build those critical Know-Like-Trust factors that lead to clients and sales … even faster?


I'm talking about those short, social-friendly, shareable, visibility-boosting videos you see everywhere these days.

  • Reach a wider audience and make a greater impact with your coaching, courses, books and services via video.
  • Connect with more potential clients and customers who find you, get to know you, and fall in love with your tips and offers all through videos.

Videos are the Mountain Dew, Jolt or double espresso that juices the algorithms to get you found and seen today.

These Days, Short Vertical Videos Are Where It’s At!

Though I’m a long time video fan from behind the lens and the old school days,  it took me a while to get sucked into the viral, vertical video loop. You know, scrolling past your bedtime, watching catchy videos on every topic under the sun!

Silly songs, dances, lip sync and pointing to text; people painting, resin or acrylic paint pour art, candy making, gymnastics, silly pets … oh .... that’s just MY feed? 😄

We’ve all been distracted and entertained … but ALSO educated. THERE are business purposes for these fun videos.

And since apps like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube Shorts, and yes TikTok, are all in on the short, vertical videos, they are pushing them to people who are NOT already your followers.

Woah, the return of organic traffic on social media?! YES!

Darn It, Creating Those Social Friendly Videos Feels Frustrating and Hard!

Busy women business owners wonder why video is hard frustrating

I may like watching OTHER people sing, dance and point but I’m not doing those things. 🤪😂

There’s room in the viral vertical video craze for those who are camera shy, wonder what to say, fumble with what buttons to push (yeah I was there too a few months ago). Figure out HOW to create one of these videos without it taking all day.

In 5 short days see that vertical videos (Reels, Shorts, TikToks) can be: Fun, Easy + Useful

  • Your techie pal will walk you through the basics, step-by-step using the IG app to create a video each day (yes you can use the same techniques + ideas elsewhere)
  • Each day adds a few new tips and tricks for a different style of video - no dancing, singing and you may not have to appear on camera! 
  • Using your smartphone camera, the Instagram app + Canva - plus I'll share about 2 other free apps for editing/creating social videos. Let's keep this easy!
  • Share your videos in a private group for feedback before you send them out to social for boosting your visibility. Celebrate getting videos DONE, together!

By the end of the week you’ll have created and posted 5 fun videos and be ready to rack up more points, likes, comments, saves and shares as you build visibility with your audience.

Video Camp Daily Schedule

Day 1 - Orientation

Why vertical videos are hot and helpful - for your people + your biz. Do the first easy step so we can create other videos - perfect for the camera shy.
It's not roll call, it's B-Roll! Time to learn about this easy to create video format you'll use all year long and in other videos. 

Day 2 - Let's Get B-B-Busy! 

Tour inside the IG Reels Editor for the basics of creating a video, where you don't have to sing, dance, or even talk! Use the B-roll you recorded and simple editing inside the Instagram app for an easy-peasy video that earns you at least a B+!  We'll cover super basic in-app edits, adding text  (including where it needs to go to be seen)+  adding audio. 

Day 3 - Bring Your Canva to Camp 

Using templates inside of Canva to make videos. Use your B-roll, stock clips, or animations. Learn to download and share to IG, YouTube Shorts and more. 

Day 4 - Let's Talk!

Recording a short, talk-to-camera video with your smartphone, from right inside the Instagram Reels editor. Suggestions on what to say + how to add clever captions.

Day 5 - Grand Finale - Video in a Video

Reactions, "stitches", sharing a meme or a screen share - it's inserting or showing another video inside of your video. We can do it with free tools like Instagram's editor, CapCut or InShot. It's a putting-all-the-pieces-together day. 

No More Procrastinating or Stressing Over How You Look or What Buttons to Press!

The Mighty Easy Video Campsite:
How + Where the Content Camp Happens

  • Video tutorials LIVE daily at 2pm ET via Zoom + streamed inside private FB Group
  • Pop-Up Private Facebook Group -  for easy sharing + posting of videos plus resources; the group will be time-limited and the campsite cleaned + packed up by Oct. 9th. 
  • Templates for Canva, List of video ideas, Worksheets - resources to make these videos MIGHTY EASY!  
  • Video Camp is FREE Sept 25th - 29th!  **You will have a low-cost option to purchase on-demand/replay access to the videos and resources plus bonus Video Director reviews from Jennifer after registration.**

Your Video Camp Director

Jennifer Burke

I'm Jennifer Burke and I love learning, checking out new things, and "research" is practically my middle name! I'm a proud marketing geek. I dig into the techie bits that many biz owners hate. I believe in busting myths around marketing, calling out B.S. if I see it, and sharing what's exciting and amazing too. I love teaching small biz owners to find their own marketing mojo and confidently promote their businesses.

I also have a long connection to video - personally and professionally. From my early amateur photography, black + white film developing, to my days working with video editing in ad agencies. I also have a Radio/TV/Film minor from my undergrad days and years of chasing video software as a Bright Shiny Object weakness! So, so many video purchases. Learn from my - ahem - mistakes! 

Dang it, creating videos is fun! I want to mess around with video with you. I want to teach you fun stuff! Let's do this together!


The 5-day content camp features using the Instagram app and Canva for creating Reels - BUT most the of the tips, techniques, video styles will work for YouTube Shorts and TikTok. I'm not an expert on the nuances of YouTube or TikTok. 

No promises that your videos will go viral! 😄 But you won't have video-phobia anymore either. Also no promise of specific business leads or sales from making and sharing videos.

I'm not a bonafide social media expert, but I am your techie pal who has gotten comfortable enough with vertical, short social video in the last year to make Reels a regular part of my content plans. And I want to help YOU get comfy too. And have fun dang it!

Just a few of the 5 different types of videos I'll show you in Mighty Easy Video How-To Camp - that I've done myself.