OMG! I'm In a Bundle/Giveaway!

Now What?!

The Simple Tech Options and How-To's From Someone Who's Been There, Done That

There is so much business-building power in having your own email list of interested people. So you can build relationships and promote your helpful offers to them. That's the truth behind "the money's in the list."

But what if you don't have a list?! It's easy for folks to get stuck in building that list or seeing only slow growth.

This is not like the Kevin Costner movie “Field of Dreams” … ‘if you build it, they will come’ just isn’t true when it comes to sticking an opt-in offer on your website. Subscribers do not magically just flood in! 

Been there, done that – across multiple sites, different client-attracting opt-ins, and saw teeny tiny, drip, drip growth.

What exploded my email community and FINALLY gave me people interested in what I talk and teach about?

Bundles, free giveaways, summits, and other collaborations.  

Jennifer's email growth stats

Collaborating with other business owners who share a similar audience lets you leapfrog your visibility and list growth. No risky ads, no extra geeky marketing know-how, and much simpler than hosting your own events (not that there's anything wrong with that! it's mighty awesome ... do it later)

Collaborations are great ways to test easy, low-cost offers and lead into courses, programs and more.

I may be a techie gal at heart but I didn’t have a background in this online business stuff! I boot-strapped, researched, observed, struggled, and just did the things like many others have done.

I had never heard of a bundle or giveaway before 2016 or so. Despite what you think, no, not everyone in the world knows what those words mean! 😆 You’re not alone if you’ve wondered too. I had never thought I could be in one of these events until late 2018.  

With some coaching, and watching my mastermind peers, I figured out some easy, messy, totally imperfect ways on HOW to set up the pieces to participate. Crossed my fingers that I got the tech parts right. Hoped the offers would connect with people.

Wooooo it worked! 

So I did it again.

And again.

And again. And …  so on.

Figuring out the bundle/giveaway collaboration thing has gotten easier and better every time. My community and business have grown right along with taking more messy, imperfect action.

Jennifer Mighty Marketing Mojo Bundle Giveaway Summit roundup logos

I see so many coaches and course creators come into the online spaces and struggle to reach people in their niches that need them. Women who are fantastic parenting coaches, trauma experts, crafters, productivity experts, mindset mavens, holistic healers, and businesses coaches ... all equal parts excited and confused at the moving parts of collaborations like bundles, giveaways, or summits. 

The HOW DO I DO THIS factor can stop many newer online solopreneurs from taking advantage of this mighty strategy. 

And “OMG I agreed to this, but NOW WHAT?” is a real feeling for sure!

I've Been There, Done That, Got the T-Shirt! Let Me Help You! 

In this new masterclass learn the HOW-TO of collaborations from someone who’s been there, done that

So you can just get in there and collaborate! And be able to do it again – copying, cloning, learning from past events.

Live Masterclass Training

Monday July 31st, 2pm ET

  • Plus lifetime access to the recordings, transcripts and detailed notes. 
  • Email series suggestions.
  • Includes any updates
  • Access to my private students group in Heartbeat for chatting and follow up

Surprised woman next to Jennifer's sample of bundles participated in
  • Inside: sneak peek at stats and lessons from my participation in 20+ events over past 4 years and building a community from scratch
  • Discover: Easy ‘tech stack’ ways to set up your contribution, deliver it, AND how to follow-up with ease 
  • Learn: What pieces you need in place to participate in list events  - get ready to participate. Email, landing pages, offers and what comes next.
  • Next: My tips on how to handle the ‘what comes next’ part – emails for following up, nurturing, next offers
  • Plus: Recommendations on places to look for collaboration events

Join this training for just ... $9!

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Who's Jennifer? I'm your marketing geek ... 

For busy, smart, solopreneurs who stumble on technology or the how-to of marketing, I'm here for you! I'm Jennifer, and I am a proud marketing geek. Better yet - I'm YOUR geek. Mighty Marketing Mojo is here to help you overcome your tech struggles so you can confidently promote your business and attract more of the 'right-for-you' clients you love working with. Let's find your own marketing mojo!

Learn the power and how-to of bundles/giveaways/summits rom someone who’s been in 30 (?!) events over 4+ years to build a community from scratch.  Who has used from the most basic WordPress page to page-builders and more, 4 different email marketing systems, 3+ shopping carts, and just wants to help you avoid mistakes! 

Jennifer Burke  //  Head Geek at Mighty Marketing Mojo


Get Over the Tech Troubles Mountain

Jennifer is beyond amazing at helping people climb their tech learning curves. I'm giving her full credit for my confidence to build my recent landing page!

Lane Therrell RN/MSN, Health Coach

Jennifer Makes the Tech Easier to Understand

As I'm building my online presence, I'm doing some tech learning in my business and Jennifer is a really good person to talk about the tech with. She makes it easier to understand.

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