Ready to quickly multiply your content output?
Without working harder!

If you've ever felt trapped on the hamster wheel of content creation, constantly churning out fresh new blog posts and emails  ...

If you've felt the pressure to post engaging social content, only to receive small treats and just a thumb's up ... with no big sales or traffic spike ...

If you spend tons of time (too much?!) editing and personalizing PLR /licensed content or those darn AI prompts so it suits your audience ... only to do it all again for the next post, email, or social share ...

I bet you probably want to curl up in ball or bang your head on your desk.

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You do NOT need to spend all your time creating content from scratch or figuring out how to edit every word of licensed/purchased content. You're probably sitting on gold mines of great content right now that you could be reusing in a variety of ways.

Repurposing content is a mighty multiplier - letting you turn the inspiration and efforts of one piece of content into many pieces that can work together to bring you better, mightier results.

Make those existing pieces do the hard work - bringing you traffic, leads, and customers long after you sent those pieces of content out into the world. 

Using a smarter workflow, checklists, and repurposing power leads to less time wasted, more sales, and more fun in the sun this year! 

You just need a few shortcuts to show you HOW.

I've got checklists and worksheets to walk you through the many ways content can be reused, recycled, and repurposed to build your business with less effort. Do a little work upfront, reap bigger benefits later.

Learn how to quickly reuse and repurpose your content so it will work harder for you, generating traffic, leads, and sales for long after you create and hit publish.

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Mighty Content Repurposing with this set of
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  • Learn: the many ways to repurpose all kinds of text
  • Start: repurposing graphics, audio, and video too. 
  • Transform: simple slide decks into a variety of new, engaging content.
  • And a whole lot more!  All inside these easy-to-use checklists.
  • BONUS: Video demo of repurposing in action - see how to make use of all those unused PPT files!
  • BONUS: PLR Checklist, Content Calendar Checklist

Grab your copy of these mighty checklists today to start saving time and energy in your content creation and marketing efforts.

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Who's Jennifer? I'm your marketing geek ... 

For busy, smart, solopreneurs who stumble on technology or the how-to of marketing, I'm here for you! I'm Jennifer, and I am a proud marketing geek. Better yet - I'm YOUR geek. Mighty Marketing Mojo is here to help you overcome your tech struggles so you can confidently promote your business and attract more of the 'right-for-you' clients you love working with. Let's find your own marketing mojo!

Jennifer Burke  //  Head Geek at Mighty Marketing Mojo


Get Over the Tech Troubles Mountain

Jennifer is beyond amazing at helping people climb their tech learning curves. I'm giving her full credit for my confidence to build my recent landing page!

Lane Therrell RN/MSN, Health Coach

Jennifer Makes the Tech Easier to Understand

As I'm building my online presence, I'm doing some tech learning in my business and Jennifer is a really good person to talk about the tech with. She makes it easier to understand.

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