Revisiting the Google Graveyard: Infographic

More tools are lost to the Google Graveyard

With July 1 we saw the demise of the once (and still) popular Google Reader. And many report that Google Alerts have been hit-or-miss in recent months, leading to speculation of its death knell . [Actually, Google has already quietly killed part of Alerts – bye-bye RSS feeds] Thanks to a recent article from Marketing Profs for pointing to this fabulous infographic revisiting the Google Graveyard [via Wordstream].

Wonder what’s next? Boooooo.

Want to read more about the history of these late, lamented resources? The InfoHound first wrote about the Google Graveyard back in January. Check out our Google post here. But even back then we didn’t foresee the death of Reader or the starvation of Alerts. Google, what are you doing to us?!

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