Can I Really Write Emails
That Bring Sales?

 Hell Yeah You CAN!

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You've heard "the money is in the follow-up" and that "words matter." 

Totally true!

But you've also struggled to write emails for your business that anyone listens to. Do they really click and buy?

Do you freeze and stare at the screen wondering what to say or how to write in a way that feels good and builds trust with your clients?

Did you know there's a reason emails that click, convert, and lead to sales follow a pattern?

Have you wanted tips on how to get inside your clients' heads so you can write emails that really resonate? 

Don't miss out on this...

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Jennifer Burke of Mighty Marketing Mojo photo from Chorus Photography

Jennifer Burke

Charlene Burke

Charlene Burke

Charlene Burke is joining me to talk about how she uses the Know-Like-Trust factors in a repeatable sequence of emails that have worked for businesses in every industry, niche, or type. We will talk about knowing our clients, their problems, their needs and how to talk directly to them. We will have hot-seats and examples. Plus tips on how to write emails that convert, while still feeling good and true to ourselves. No ick factor! So, Hell Yeah You CAN Write Emails that Sell. 

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