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​Not sure what to say or what to send to someone you've just met, or after a webinar or live event, or if they reached out and left you a comment online? These are all great points in time to reach out, make a connection, and be of service to your prospects and customers. 

Consistent follow-up is always a sound strategy for marketing that brings results. It builds that important Know-Like-Trust factor and shows you pay attention.

​You’ve got great services or really useful products, but ​you're also super busy and sometimes your brain goes blank on what to say or send. You’re not alone. The number one request I get from clients and colleagues is, ‘can’t it just be easier? Isn’t there a shortcut?’

That’s why I’ve bundled together some of my favorite email responses in to templates to give you a business-boosting, marketing shortcut package.

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