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I don't want this mighty awesome workbook to sit on your hard drive. There are people out there that need your experience and expertise. They need your emails.

But they won't get them if they aren't on your list because you've gotten stuck on creating your free gift.

That's where lots of smart, busy, awesome but stressed solopreneurs get stuck. On finding the time to go through the steps and create a simple gift that can attract the right-for-you people to your list.

Take Fast Action and Create Your Free Email Gift 

Confused about what to say in your gift? What format? How long is it supposed to be? Do you need   fancy, expensive software to create a gift? How do all these pieces connect together? 

No more worries!

I created a workshop to go over the critical elements for your easy email gift with plenty of examples, so you can confidently and quickly get it done. And go build that list!

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