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Kick Your Business in Gear Planning with Trello Challenge

Do You Know What the Best Planning System Is?

The One YOU Use Consistently!

The 'best' system is the one that WORKS consistently for you.

You don’t have to use a Panda Planner, or Condren planner, or stickers and pre-made charts or goal lists, or any of the many to-do list apps. You can if you want .... as long as it works for you!

But what if you have a sticky note with an important collaboration deadline stuck on your desk or in the middle of your planner … under a shopping list for your daughter’s birthday … and your pretty planner is under a folder with your latest course ideas. Now you've got a missed deadline or a lost idea. A planner that by mid-March has no pretty doodles, stickers or written goals. And your business is drifting because your mind is spinning and your plans are unfocused. 

That doesn't sound like it's working so well, eh?

Hey, If You're Consistent with Your Content ... 

Keep Rocking Whatever Your System Is! 

But ... If You're NOT Super Consistent ... Let's Find a Better Way

Easy consistency is the key in marketing.

Wouldn’t it be cooler to plan out your client-attracting, kick butt content with a tool that goes with you, everywhere you are, no pages falling out, no stickers necessary, no killing trees? Something you can start with any time of the year? Something that is way more than a planner?

Have you ever tried to automate a Post-It? 

Look, I love my colored pens and pencils, my sticky notes, even my stickers. 🖍🗒🔖

But I like it more when I don’t lose a good idea because I can't find where it's written down. I like better when there's not a ton of paper creating even more clutter on my desk. And I can’t copy-paste a URL from a printed notebook or Post-It. I can’t embed images, files, calendars, and links on a Post-It either.

But I can in Trello.  😉

Join Me for 10 days in the Kick Your Biz Year in Gear
 with Trello Challenge!

✔ If you’re like me and already have a Trello account -- Cool! Use the tips and time to get things cleaned up and ready to rock your business this year. Set up your key business info in one place, and spend less time messing around in the backend of your business. Use checklists, processes, and templates to create smart biz routines.

✔ Newer to Trello and want ideas on setting up for success? -- Awesome too! Got you covered with tips, examples, and Boards to copy. Let's start with clearing your desk, getting ideas out of your head - de-clutter and de-stress. 

✔ Want to break down those content and biz planning steps into simpler tasks, checklists, and systems that make sense? -- Let's do it together! You can do that with Trello during the 10 day challenge!

This is a great time to find support and explore how Trello is flexible and can fit so many different business owners. Don't struggle alone to get your business and content plans in order, come join a community of biz owners and be inspired and productive together. 

Mighty Marketing Mojo Best System is Consistency

This Isn't About "Perfect" Planning ... It's About Action

No guilt or shame over what systems you use! This isn’t about creating perfect systems. Productivity and planning is a personal thing. And I still have Post-Its! 

This time together IS about using one of the most flexible tools I know to get our brains and businesses organized and to rock our marketing throughout the year.  Our 10 days together will kick your Trello-using habit into action. Get content marketing tips, see examples of other online biz owners setting goals and creating plans using Trello. 

Who Am I?

Jennifer Burke Mighty Marketing Mojo Headshot Outside Atlanta

I'm Jennifer Burke and I love learning, checking out new things, and "research" is practically my middle name! I'm a proud marketing geek. I dig into the techie bits that many biz owners hate. I believe in busting myths around marketing, calling out B.S. if I see it, and sharing what's exciting and amazing too. I love teaching small biz owners to find their own marketing mojo and confidently promote their businesses. 

Oh yeah, and I LOVE Trello! Happy user since '14!

I've tested a bunch of the productivity and planning apps. I've had, used, and deleted more to-do apps from my phone than I can count. I do still love some sticky notes.

But the tool I've returned to over and over since 2014, to organize my business (and my nonprofit and its national conference), to keep my content ideas organized and flowing -- is Trello. Totally free Trello. I want to share it other biz owners so much I created a course on Mightier Marketing with Trello - but that's a whole other thing!  I can't wait to share inside Trello with you.

More Reasons to Kick Your Business
in Gear with Trello 

  • See Your Goals Clearly    

Research shows that setting, writing down, and reflecting on your goals (little steps leading to bigger ones) leads to dramatic, long-lasting habit changes and improvement. Write down your goals - for the week, the quarter, or more - in one place - Trello. Turn your goals into actions! 

  • Keep Your Business’s Key Numbers All in One Place

What are the key numbers that matter to YOU and your business? What if you could look in one spot and see how many new subscribers you have? Did you meet your weekly sales goal and you can take Friday off? Let's look at tracking in Trello.

  • Power of Following Through on Priorities

As entrepreneurs we are always making decisions, learning new skills, facing new challenges daily – it’s exhausting and exciting all at once! Make sure we prioritize the money-makers vs. the busy-work so we stay focused. Don’t just hop task to task, choose the right tasks - and keep them in Trello.

  • Keep Your Content, Offers, Key Links All in One Place

Have an idea for a blog post, for a Facebook Live video, for your next free gift? Keep them all in Trello! If you regularly send affiliate offers - keep your links in Trello, ready to copy/paste anywhere from any device.

  • Don't Like How Things Look? Drag, Drop and Rearrange!

No erasing, no scribbling, no losing your notes, no stickers stuck where you don’t want them. Easily copy cards to other lists or boards. Make repeating tasks into checklists and templates. Use colorful labels, images, and more to keep on track.

This Is Learning AND Doing

This isn't a course on how to use Trello - we're just jumping right in! There will be tons of tips to help you use Trello in a way that suits you. I want to jump-start a Trello habit with you.

This is do-it-together time! Each day of the challenge has tips, actions to take, work to share, connections and collaboration. We will roll up our sleeves, do some brainstorming, goal-setting, and plan business-building action.

We’re not planning out a full 12 months in detail. Too much can – and will – change! Let’s set out some ideas for the year, so we can work backwards to the steps that will get us to those milestones. But the focus is on planning your next 30-90 days – let's kick your marketing into gear with clear, simple action!

What's In the Challenge ...

Kick Your Business in Gear Planning with Trello Challenge
  • Tips via Email + Video: Content planning, sharing, repurposing, and other content marketing tips. Tips on using Trello, and peeks inside my boards and others' boards.  
  • Live Co-Working/Co-Planning Calls -  Two calls per week of teaching, co-planning, and co-working time as we explore, setup or clean-up Trello to get ready for the year. Plus watch for bonus chats with guests!
  • Accountability + Support: Come use the online group for accountability and support to share your goals, your lists, and your Trello setup. Post progress to get points for prizes! 

Week One -  

Kickoff Call Mon 2/8 1:30pm ET -  Ways to Use Trello, Let's Start Our Planning.

Coaching-Check-in Call Friday 2/12 1:30pm ET - let's talk progress in your first steps

Week Two -

Coaching Call Mon 2/15 1:30pm ET -  Content Planning in Trello.

Check-In/Wrap-Up Call Friday 2/19 1:30pm ET

Don't stare at a blank screen and try to get your biz plans in order alone!

Let's kick our businesses in gear - TOGETHER - using Trello to get organized and consistent.

**JUST ADDED: There will be points for doing daily action steps, engaging on the calls, and checking in, or sharing your insights. With prizes!! **

The Kick Your Business in Gear with Trello 10-Day Challenge

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Learned a cool new Trello trick!

Well I'm only a few mins in to your Trello training & learned that I could send something from my email to a Trello board - how cool is this?!!! I have 8 drafts set up in my email for ​notes I wanted to remember and now I can get rid of all those pesky drafts that I usually forget are there any way!

Tishia Lee , Coach + Podcast Host

Cool Trello Tip!

Thanks to your training I learned that I could send something from my email to a Trello board - how cool is this?!!!

Tishia Lee , Coach + Podcast Host

Beating the Clutter with Trello

All the post-its and miscellaneous notes now cluttering my desk will finally have an organized home, as well as that PLR and all those things I've forgotten I purchased with such good intentions way back when! Thank you!

You Have My Easy Guarantee 

You can request a full refund within seven (7) days of your purchase and it will be given – no questions asked!

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