​Want More Success, More Happy Clients?

​Get Organized, Consistent Marketing!

​To-do lists scattered all over your desk?
​Training you've never taken gathering digital dust?
​Inconsistent marketing bringing inconsistent clients?

Solopreneurs, you need to plan for success, get organized, 

and promote consistently, so you attract those happy clients who love you!

​Trello Is the Tool to Bring You Mightier Marketing! 

​Let's Get Organized for Success! 
​See how I use Trello to keep my thoughts, content, and purchases organized and my marketing on track to consistently bring more, happy clients! 

Woman at laptop using Trello to organize business

Mightier Marketing with Trello: ​Get Organized, Be Consistent, Attract More Clients

​Peek over my shoulder as I show how to use the free, easy tool - Trello

​Self-Study Mini-Course with ​videos of live training sessions,
bonus tutorial videos on key features, copies of my 
Trello boards and more!

​I love showing you the HOW of marketing, going inside the tools that make our business lives easier and increase consistency. Join me for the LIVE portion of this new training on using one of my favorite productivity and marketing  tools - Trello. ​Ask questions, walk through use cases, and get copies of my top boards, tons of tips, and support as you put Trello in to action in your business. Watch the replays and use the worksheets as you get YOUR business organized to consistently attract clients. 

​ How Does ​Trello Help Solopreneurs to Grow Their Business? 

  • ​​It’s free!
  • ​​Trello is easy to use and goes anywhere – web and apps
  • ​Help you keep your mind and goals clear. You'll move steadily towards your goals.  
  • ​​​Collect your ideas and your content – so you can use it, not lose it!
  • ​Take the dull admin parts of business and make them easier and fun!
  • ​Banish ‘where do I start?’ or the ‘what’s next’ business blues. 
  • ​Build your week on money-making, 30-minute marketing tasks! 

​​​Get Started with Trello Today!

​Here's What's Included:

  • ​​Deep dive training - 60+ minutes of demos, teaching, plus Q&A
  • ​Videos - training recording , videos with tips on how to set up your copies of the Trello boards + bonus tips + training  
  • ​Copies of my popular Trello boards:  30 Minute Marketing, Content Ideas, Now-Next-Someday with purchase tracking
  • ​Follow-up emails to keep you supported as you put Trello to use
  • ​Invitations to open Q&A times or bonus coaching calls for clients 

Just $67

Tishia Lee of Shining Self

​​Well I'm only a few mins in to your Trello training & learned that I could send something from my email to a Trello board - how cool is this?!!! I have 8 drafts set up in my email for ​notes I wanted to remember and now I can get rid of all those pesky drafts that I usually forget are there any way! 

​Tishia Lee, Podcast Host ​of Shining Self.com

Terry Loving

WordPress Website Management, TerryLoving.com

All the post-its and miscellaneous notes now cluttering my desk will finally have an organized home, as well as that PLR and all those things I've forgotten I purchased with such good intentions way back when! Thank you! 

​Training to Diver Deeper Into Common Questions ​Solos Ask Me About Trello

​What the Heck is Trello? And Why Is It Better Than My Post-Its or To-Do List?

​Does Trello Play Nicely with Other Apps and Tools? 

​Do I Need to Upgrade to Get the Most from Trello?

​What on Earth Are Trello PowerUps? 

How Do I Really Use Trello to Keep My Business Organized and My Marketing on Track?

​Plus Tips + Tricks: Copying, Calendars, Notifications, Shortcuts

This is my jam! My ​ community loves that I do all the research on marketing and tech so they don’t have to. You can spend more time doing what you do best, serving your clients, making an impact, building your business’s bottom line. That sounds less stressful, right?!

 I research + test out marketing tech for FUN!​  I teach you the same tools I've learned and use in my business. I ​love sharing ​my techie wisdom so my fellow solos can make sense of ​tech and ​go out there to get more of ​the awesome clients they love helping!

​I'm Jennifer Burke, a fellow solopreneur and bit of a marketing geek. Take advantage of my years as a marketing exec, researcher, and now teacher/trainer. I keep up on all the trends and tools so you don't have to. Let's get your marketing mojo on!

J​ennifer Burke, Mighty Marketing Mojo

Jennifer Burke of Mighty Marketing Mojo photo from Chorus Photography

​More Mighty Marketing Love From Happy Students, Clients and Solopreneur Pals

Thank you Jennifer! This was great info about new marketing tools to try. I always look forward to the Tool Talk webinars you do.

​Charlene Burke, ​Researcher, Writer, Facilitator at ​SearchByBurke.com

“​Thanks for doing this ​marketing webinar. I didn’t know about any of these tools! Not sure which I’m trying first, but I’m saving all my notes!”

- Shelly -

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