Tired of Procrastinating About Writing Your Welcome Series of Emails?

Discover the best and easy practices for writing welcome emails that nurture AND convert your new list members

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Stop putting off writing the emails to welcome your new subscribers

Email marketing is a powerful and personalized marketing tool – but success can depend on building those critical Know-Like-Trust factors with people before they will Try and Buy.

You need to nurture the relationship with your brand new email subscribers. But you also don’t want to wait weeks or months before you show and tell them how you can help them. You want to build a connection and get to “aha! That’s the course/coaching I need right now!”

Too many coaches, authors, consultants, bloggers, and other biz owners either skip past the relationship-building emails or they spend far too long sending info-packed or ‘nurturing’ emails without ever clearly telling someone what products or services they offer people. Or they spend too much time in courses trying to learn copywriting or fixing generic email templates.  

It feels like all or nothing when it comes to getting those first emails out!

Have you felt confused about how to create simple, automate email welcome series or what to write in those emails?

Have you put off writing your welcome emails because ..

  • Advice on how many emails you need is confusing
  • the curse of the cursor … You aren’t sure what to write
  • How do the emails stack up to actually turn someone into a fan and a buyer?
  • How do different automated series connect together?
  • Eh, I don’t have a course, book, coaching program or membership to offer – why do I need automated welcome emails?
  • Just never enough time or too much work – let’s be honest,  you’ve just procrastinated

How’s all that working for you? 😉  Yeah, there’s no ‘money in the list’ if you don’t have a list, if you ignore it, or you never had a plan beyond the first email.

Let’s fix at least those first emails so people will truly feel welcomed, know who you are, what value you bring, and how to work with you.

You Need to Find Your Email Welcome Series Mojo!

This FREE webinar will guide you through the best practices for creating a customer-focused welcome series that builds relationships and encourages subscribers to become customers.

What you’ll discover on this webinar:

  • How an automated welcome series done well can build relationships, your business, and your bottom line
  • No more by-the-seat-of-your-pants emails - you need  a plan for your first welcome series
  • Yes you can write a series that nurtures and sells 
  • Answers "how many emails do I need?" 
  • The details of what needs to be in a welcome series to build trust and lead to sales
  • No need to worry about which email software you use - these lessons apply to all!  

It's time to stop procrastinating or being embarrassed by what is - or isn't - in those vital first emails you send to your community. It's time to find your mojo and write your mighty awesome welcome emails. 

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