Thanks for Joining ​My
​30in30 Mighty Marketing Challenge!

​I'm so excited you're joining me for this special ​coaching, accountability,
and mindset-changing time together ! 

​You're a smart solopreneur, but also a busy one. You've made the decision to spend your time SMARTER for the next 30 days!

The LIVE 30in30 Mighty Marketing Challenge ​Ran In April 2019

But your own 30 Days of Mighty Marketing action begins any time!  

30in30 Mighty Marketing Challenge Jennifer Burke Mighty Marketing Mojo
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    Weekly Meetings - ​We go over our chosen goals, possible tactics, pick our marketing mix and tasks for the week.  ​There will be kickoff session, weekly recap or check-in meetings on Fridays, plus mid-month tips +  final success celebration session.
  • Weekly Emails - ​Emails discuss + encourage SMART goal setting and our 30 minute marketing mix choices; plus emails with marketing tips or pep talks, and reminders of group sessions.  
  • ​Resources for taking action - ​Weekly + monthly planners, checklists, worksheets, plus a 30 in 30 Mighty Marketing Action Guide with tips to help focus all month and beyond.
  • Facebook Group - online space to ask questions, post chosen tasks for accountability check-ins, and share wins. There may be bonus prompts, questions, and Facebook Lives with tips.

What's included in the 30in30 Challenge:

  • Weekly online group meetings, conducted via Zoom - we will meet in the same place each time;
    Fridays at 1pm ET will be our check-in and celebrate wins time. Weekly sessions begin Friday, April 5.

    ​NOTE: due to being at a conference, our Friday 4/12 session will be at 5pm ET

  • Kickoff group session on Monday, April 1, 2pm ET [note the different time]
  • Celebration group session on Tuesday, April 30, 1pm ET
  • Email prompts and tips for weekly goal-setting and marketing tasks, tips, plus reminders to celebrate your successes - all steps count in this challenge!
  • Resources to download and put right to use - checklists, worksheets, planners in your 30in30 Mighty Marketing Action guide
  • Recordings of all group sessions
  • A Facebook Group where you can: ask question, post your weekly marketing tasks for group support and accountability, share your wins'
  • Watch for bonus resources, training videos, and more group sessions (potentially with special guests!)


Bookmark this page as resources will be added, including links to all recordings. This page is ONLY for those purchasing the 30in30 Mighty Marketing Challenge via the LLYOU bundle offer. Please don't share! 

We are co-creating this challenge  – that means we’re doing it together (yep, me too), and learning a lot as we go. I’ll share tips and best practices, how to make best use of the checklists and cheat-sheets I give, and I’ll lead us on a discussion of setting SMART marketing goals during our kickoff. But it's up to each of us to find the mix of marketing tasks that work for our businesses right now to focus on in our 30 minute blocks. Together we will change our mindsets and create new habits that lead to lasting impact. 

Our group sessions will take place in the web video conferencing and webinar tool - Zoom. Meetings will be recorded so you can watch them again any time you'd like.  If you do'nt already have a free Zoom account, I highly recommend this tool! The paid version is also a bargain at $15/month. Even you do not choose to signup, please download the Zoom software to your computer or get the mobile app.

Your 30in30 Marketing Challenge Action Plan

Your 30in30 Marketing Challenge Action Plan from the Action Guide

30in30 Mighty Marketing Challenge Starts in:

30in30 Mighty Marketing Challenge Action Guide book

​Click image or in list at left to download the guide! 

30in30 Mighty Marketing Challenge product contents checklists ebook

​​Handouts, notes, or slides from recorded sessions:

​If you need some assistance with copying the Trello board check out this article on copying items  and this one from their support chat on ​sharing Boards and working with teams

Trello project management Copy a Public Board to Your Own Account Menu More

BONUS Resources:

If you don't already have it, grab my 10 Top Social Media Tools guide.

​Videos of All Sessions Will Be Here Soon After Each Session
Kickoff Recording
Guest Expert Pop-Up Sessions Recordings
Guest Expert Val Selby - chatting about Facebook
Guest Expert Tara Alexandra Kachaturoff - chatting about being a guest on podcasts, TV, videos
Guest Expert Wendy LugoSantiago- chatting about content themes + repurposing
Guest Expert ​Kelly McCausey- chatting about ​smart content curation skills and her course on that!
Guest Expert Ken Watson- chatting about ​Instagram quick fixes
Guest Expert ​Debbie Benstein- chatting about ​knowing our audiences

​ Check-in Recordings
Friday April 5th - Our First Goals Check-in
Friday April 19th - Goals Check-in
Friday April 26th - Goals Check-in
​Tuesday April ​30th - ​Mighty Marketing Challenge Wrap-up

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