I'm Jennifer

I’m a geek.

A food and wine geek, a book geek, a sports geek, and a marketing geek. I hope I can be your marketing geek. I love helping solopreneurs get past the tech hurdles that are keeping them from running their online business, attracting right-for-them clients, and making an impact in the world. 

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Meet your geek ...

I admit it, I’m a geek.🤓

Life-long geek.

Since my days quietly in my room reading and building things with LEGOS, way before they came with such detailed instructions or specially shaped pieces. Nights reading under the cover with a flashlight because it was past my bedtime. Lunch times reading naval histories, biographies or the Encyclopedia in the stacks in the school library if there wasn't a good kickball or four-square game going on.

But I’m also a geek about sports (ALL OF THEM), wine, bourbon, cooking, books, and ... marketing.

I hope I can be your geek – your marketing + tech geek for running your online business.

Jennifer Burke Speaking Presenting Conference Workshops

I'm a lifelong techie too. From the early computers (Commodore PETs, family's first computer an Apple IIc), early email, the beginning of the web browser while I was in college, to carrying a Palm Pilot, early cell phones that weighed same as a brick, and later a crack-berry - I mean Blackberry - with that real keyboard.

Later I was learning advanced search, database design, information search behavior, and seeing my colleagues work on the precursors to today’s generative AI during my second round of grad school. My life-long learning habits seem to have drawn me most to ‘how stuff works’ and tech.

Hmm, instead of proving my geeky, techie bonafides this may just say “I’m old!” 😄👵

But I’d prefer to think it shows you that I’m wired to learn, to make sense of things, AND to share what I’ve learned with others.

It’s why when I left the advertising world in New York and Philadelphia (my first career), I went back to grad school, got a Master’s in Library and Information Science, with initial plans of working to help college students find the info they needed to succeed.

Then a pivot back to grad school again when I was offered a fully-funded fellowship to work on a PhD and become a professor. Wanting to really teach is also why I left my PhD program without those 3-letters, because the program’s goals no longer aligned with mine or my spouse’s. I didn’t want to chase grants and do research instead of working directly with students. 

I was embracing that I was a "teacher" ... and needed to find ways to do that, but on my terms.

And I guess that shows I'm also not so afraid to pivot ... to adapt as the world and technology keeps changing around us.

Drexel University Philadelphia iSchool College of Information Science sign

I realized it wasn't good for me to just research if I couldn't share + teach

I started my business as a consultant, thinking I’d do market research and competitive intelligence for ad agencies, healthcare marketing firms, or other small businesses. I realized I had (at the time) a unique mix of experience and education from the advertising days and the library training, so I became a trainer on marketing for library systems. I still have a business that does that some times, and I lead a nonprofit that runs a conference dedicated to teaching marketing communications to library professionals. Even after walking away from marketing, my career journey kept circling back.  I stopped fighting it and pivoted again.

Now I lean in to that marketing background, the research years, all the pivots, the extra time learning, so I can demystify marketing for other solopreneurs. I want to help them use their expertise in their online businesses, and maybe make fewer mistakes than I did!

Jennifer working with small group in marketing workshop

Through trial, error, interesting conversations, I discovered I had a knack for explaining marketing and helping my fellow consultants, service business owners, and coaches to make sense of the technology for bringing their expertise online.

Mighty Marketing Mojo was born.

A new way I could geek out and teach others – helping them to not make all the mistakes I made, or saw other solopreneurs making.

There are lots of ways to teach and make an impact in the world.

I see it every day with the solopreneurs and small business owners I work with and call client, colleague, and friend.

That’s what I do at Mighty Marketing Mojo. I believe more in ‘done with you’ than ‘done for you’ in my courses, services and my Tech Therapy Hangout membership. I’m not a marketing agency, nor a tech VA,  though I have a few services I do for clients. I prefer working alongside fellow solopreneurs as they turn their expertise and experiences into services and products online to help others.

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Why It Matters to You

I try to turn all my various experiences, research, what I’ve learned from others, what I’ve learned from all my different clients, into tips and training that help you.

Whether that’s through speaking at conferences, live or virtual events, on webinars, podcasts, live video chats, in courses or workshops (online and in-person), via my email community, or Zoom chats – I use my geekiness to help coaches, authors, consultants and more to get past the tech obstacles that have them stuck in their online businesses.

Jennifer Burke President Board Library Marketing Conference Group Speaking Stage LMCC22

If I test a tool, experiment with marketing tactics, work on my own content marketing – I bring all that experience back to you.

If I recommend something – it’s because I’ve test it or I really trust the source. If my opinions change, I’ll tell you that too.  And I don’t try to ‘sell’ you into a tool/app/technique just because I love it or it worked for me – we work to find what fits you and your business.

My goal is to demystify marketing and the tools + tech that make it happen – to show it’s not sleazy, not as confusing as some make it out, and that it’s also damn important to your business success.

Jennifer at Mighty Marketing Mojo Loves Working With Solopreneur Clients in Groups courses workshops coaching one-to-one services

Want to Work or Learn With Me?

You can check out my coaching/training services here and the few DFY (done-for-you) services I offer here.

If you want to have more ongoing access to me and some other smart solopreneurs as we get stuff done, consider joining the Tech Therapy Hangout mastermind membership.

And for sure join my email community where I share the most tips and news of all upcoming or available learning opportunities.

Want to hear more?
I've been a guest +/or co-host on several podcasts:

Guest Co-Host Interviews Jennifer + Kelly

Talking email w/ Angela Wills

Talking visibility and video w/ Tanya Smith

My Mission

Help coaches, consultants, authors, service business professionals get past technology or marketing obstacles so they can confidently build, run, and promote their online offers and make an impact in their communities. 

Want to see or learn more? 

Check out my blog posts, favorite tools, social accounts, or join my Mighty Pals via email or our community group spaces.


Direct, Respectful and Caring Responses for Solopreneurs + Coaches

Sarah Wills Carlsson - Consultant, Coach, Teacher

Jenn is very direct and to the point, while being respectful and caring. I love it because we don't waste anyone's time in fluff. My questions have always been met with good suggestions and answers from Jenn and the group, never scorn or criticism.

Fun Facts About Jennifer

Let’s go ‘beyond the bio’ so you can see a little more of the very real, quirky person I am!  Because hey, I know it’s all about the ‘Know-Like-Trust’ factors in business. 😉

Jennifer Burke teenager England London Horse Guards Buckingham Palace

I learned to drive with a stick shift on the ‘other’ side of the road – yes, in England with a right-hand drive car, shifting with my left hand. "Fun" driving story - I drove several friends to the only TGI Friday's outside of London (several towns away). Because I was the only one who could drive or had a car. And then we got the car stuck in the parking garage overnight because it closed earlier than the restaurant. We all had to take the train back to our village and me go get my car on the weekend. 🙄 That garage was my nemesis.

My teenage years in England and visiting Europe were formative, challenging, eye-opening and so much more. 

Assorted wine corks on kitchen counter
Jennifer Burke Michael K Northwestern University Basketball 2019
Jennifer Burke Michael K Phillies Win NLCS 2022
Jennifer's laptop working on deck looking Barnegat Bay NJ

I’m a serious wine geek and have been since a teenager. Hey, I lived in Europe, it was ok to drink! I used to collect the labels and now I keep the corks. But we’re not pretentious snobs, we love good deals and small wineries. [And our wine collection is in a database, with lots of metadata, accessible via a mobile app. Like I said, geek about everything.]

I am an absolute, hard-wired, genetically coded night owl. I was even born at night. Mornings are kryptonite. There’s a reason my calendar booking won’t let you grab a chat or coaching call with me in the mornings – it’s to protect us both! 😄

My hubby and I met in college (Go U Northwestern) on a blind date. We don’t have kids but we are an awesome aunt and uncle, who love having fun with the kiddos (OMG one is learning to drive!), including all our ‘honorary’ niblings.

I am a super, big, huge sports fan. I love seeing games and events in person. I’ve been to NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, + pro lacrosse games. Plus the US Curling Nationals, the Olympics, the KY Derby, multiple World Series, plus many minor league games in at least 2 sports. [Been to 12 active MLB stadiums, 7 former stadiums and plans to check off a few more soon] All the Philly teams are my faves.

Water is calming and being near it is my happy spot – so lucky and fortunate that I have the opportunity to chill – and work – by the water on many days. Maybe one day I’ll even do some business retreats ‘by the bay.’

And I’m partially deaf, have worn a hearing aid since 2003, due to a rare medical condition. Ok, it was a kind of brain tumor (took me a long time to be ok saying that). I underwent radiation and I’m good now but I do still have the hearing loss and flying is painful.

I hope learning some fun stuff helps you know a little more about me - and maybe you want to have that free coffee chat or you'll be eager to read more stories in my regular emails. 😉

What Some of My Mighty Clients and Students Have to Say About Working With Me

The Advice and Support Have Made a Difference in My Business

Jennifer is the most generous person with her time and knowledge. She gives fully to her community and to this group. The advice I've received has made a difference in my business, in getting more traffic, in people finding me, and in staying up to date with technology.

When I hosted my summit, I asked for feedback from the group and it was very constructive.
When I needed to move how I view my emails, Jennifer was a great help in providing the step-by-step process for doing this.
When I wanted to test out new ideas for products and programs, Jennifer did a call of the pros and cons for what I wanted to use.
If there is a better, more efficient way of doing things, Jennifer and the Tech Therapy membership are there to help.

Claudette Chenevert The Stepmom Coach, Author

Jennifer Has a Magic Touch with Tech

Jennifer has a magic touch with tech, especially email marketing, automations, setting up lead pages and opt-ins. Tech Therapy have expedited my learning with email marketing, opt-in pages, website set up, membership sites and affiliate marketing. I also love that Jennifer keeps up to date on the newest tech tools and whether or not we should consider investing in a given tool or piece of tech. I value her opinion immensely.

Tech Therapy Helped Get Over Hurdles

Being a member in Tech Therapy has helped me cross hurdles that were keeping me stuck - like creating a landing page! That was major. I still stumble a little, but Jennifer took me by the hand into the back office of my email provider and walked me through it!! I couldn't/wouldn't have done it without her.

I am more confident in trying new things, asking questions. Knowing that I can ask about products before I buy - what is good, what isn't, what would be best for me at my stage - is one of the best parts of the membership.

Fran Watson Career Coach, Author

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