Meet Jennifer E. Burke – Researcher, Teacher, Speaker, Marketer


Jennifer Burke of Mighty Marketing Mojo photo from Chorus PhotographyI'm THAT person ….

The Person Who Must Know Everything!

That's probably why I have a graduate degree in ‘finding and sharing stuff' – aka, a Master's in Library + Information Science, and why I spent 5+ years doing PhD level Information Science courses and research on digital libraries and information behaviors and why I wanted to be a professor, a teacher. I had to know. Know more. Know all I could!

But what good is finding and knowing if you don't share?

But that's no good if I can't share my years of experience, all the hard lessons learned, and the cool tools and tips I've come across!

As I've grown my library and nonprofit consulting/training business, over at IntelliCraft Research, I've picked up so many tips from other experts. While working with clients and working on my own business I've discovered  and tested new tools to make my work (and that of my clients) more efficient and effective. I've spoken at a lot of events, hosted webinars, taught workshops on marketing around the country. I've chatted over meals with many other solopreneurs to learn about what is and isn't working for them. And just gained a TON of knowledge. To do the work of my own business, and all the training programs I offer, I've become really, really familiar with content marketing, social media, email, and video marketing. And I want to share what I've learned, what I've done well – and not so well – with my solopreneur pals.

Jennifer E Burke The InfoHound conference speaking Computers in Libraries

I deeply enjoy the ‘marketing research' I do these days. No, I don't do market research anymore – I research all the new trends, tips and tools in the world of marketing. Why? Well, because I can and because I like to! And let's face it, you probably don't have the time or inclination to do so. So consider me your secret time saver. But no matter how much research I do, I want, and need, to share that knowledge – with you!

My knowledge is useful to a lot of other info pros, solopreneurs or small biz starters who work outside my primary focus area. Just like libraries work on teeny, tiny budgets with not nearly enough resources, so do most solo info-preneurs I know. I want to share what I've learned with all of you too.

Telling It Like It Is

Jennifer working with small group in marketing workshop I may not know it ALL – yet 😉  So, you can count on me to be honest when I share things. I try the tools first so you don't have to waste time on all of them. I tell you where the pitfalls are, what obstacles you may hit, and if something every one else says is ‘GREAT!' is only ‘Meh' for me. I will always strive to give honest opinions. So you'll know if I really recommend something, it's sincere.

Hopefully along the way I'll demystify marketing, content, promotion, and strategy for my fellow service-based consultants and solopreneurs.

Still Need to Know More?!

Jennifer Burke LMCC15 Marketing presentation TexasOk, this site used to have the title of my alter ego – The InfoHound – it was the less serious side to the work I did under IntelliCraft Research LLC and a place to talk more about marketing. But life and work changed. And I do a lot of talking about marketing for my library and nonprofit pals over on IntelliCraft. I wanted this site to be fully focused on my business pals, those with me on the solopreneur journey. Now – it's about growing our businesses, changing our mindsets on marketing, doing the operations or COO work, thinking about clients and money, and whatever else  we have to juggle as solopreneurs who do it all in our businesses. And how can I help bring my experience to help YOU get your Mighty Marketing Mojo going on!

This site is where I also offer a select range of specialty services and products, different from my library training and consulting. Some of these are DFY (Done-For-You) marketing type services where I get to roll up my sleeves and create things for you so you can concentrate on what you do best in your business.