Does The Word “Marketing” Feel Like One More Mess to Add to Your To-Do List?

Get to the authority starting lineWorry no more! We can clean up that mess. There are some Done-For-You marketing services I offer here at Mighty Marketing Mojo so your marketing zooms back on the fast track instead of leaving you in the pits. Need an eye-catching logo animation for your new website or social channel? I can do that! Need to borrow my brain for a while because yours is full of ideas and too many tasks to tackle? No problem!

 What Can You Team Up With Jennifer to Do in a Marketing Makeover?

  • Help you tell the compelling, engaging, motivating story of your business or organization
  • Give you outlines for client-attracting copy for your website or your email newsletter
  • Let’s set up that email newsletter so you can follow-up with prospects with ease and look good doing it
  • Jump- start a stalled campaign and think of new approaches for finding your audience, your ideal clients
  • Use social media more effectively to build traffic and your raving audience of fans and advocates
  • Create branded graphics for you to use on your site, your emails and social media
  • Build you that simple to update, sharp looking WordPress-based website you need to be found online
  • Create awesome, professional video animations and simple explainer videos for your business


Marketing Coaching Packages

Available as one-on-one monthly (or bi-weekly) sessions or new group deals!

Check Out Group Coaching!

I can help with most of the marketing problems you’re having and give you a nudge or a new perspective on promotion, strategy, blogging, your audience or where to focus your precious energy right now.  We do video calls so we can screen share (recorded for you to replay at your leisure) with ‘homework’ to complete between coaching sessions, using worksheets, handouts, or other resources I give you. I help you beat your distractions, find new marketing focus, and hold you accountable to actually getting out there and getting it done!

Example of marketing coaching video call from Jennifer Burke The InfoHound

Example of marketing coaching call – with screen sharing on ‘homework’

Video Animations

Did you know I have a Radio/TV/Film minor from my undergrad days at Northwestern outside Chicago? And that I’ve been a student and practitoner of photography for more than 30 years? Well, you do now! And so I LOVE to help folks create attractive graphics and avoid all those boring, generic, bland stock photos. With all the cool new tools out there, video is easier than ever. I love teaching video skills to others. But I also love using the tech and tools – for example I can create stunning logo animations that you can add to ANY videos you create and share online (perfect for repurposing thoe Facebook Live videos!). Check out examples I’ve done for orgs and other solopreneurs. I can also create simple animated videos to explain your business, tell your story or promote a new service.

Logo Animations – perfect for the beginning/end of your social videos

You provide a .png file of your logo, the RGB or Hex codes for your brand colors – and I give you a choice of several appropriate templates or styles that suit your work and brand – and BOOM – animated logo.

This short video clip shows how you can add motion graphics to existing video – such as this call to action to visit the Mighty Marketing Mojo Facebook page!

Short Explainer/Teaser Videos – great to use on social media, home page of your website

Explainer videos do just that – explain what your business is about, how you solve a particular problem, who you love working for – all in quick fashion with NO need for you to be on-camera, hire a videographer, do a pricey video shoot. These short (under 2 minutes) videos are perfect for your home page, services page, about page, or sharing on social media.

For explainer or teaser videos – you supply your logo, brand colors, possibly other photos, and I use the templates and tools that I have in my toolkit that make this kind of video super affordable for you and quick to create. It’s not a 100% custom, from-scratch animation – and it doesn’t have the price tag of one either! We work together to craft a short, on-point message for the ‘script’ – and VOILA – animated video ready to share all over social and perk up your website for visitors.

Simple WordPress Websites

I do WordPress website consulting for solopreneurs. From a simple website audit with recommendations for you to tackle, to creating a full, basic, professional, simple, clean designs installed and set up for you to easily take care of on your own. I’ll even give you content boosters to get your pages or blog posts started.


Why Work With Jennifer at Mighty Marketing Mojo?

I’ve been there, and done all that too! I live and breathe the new trends, tips, tools and tactics for marketing in the 21st century. Sure, I’m also a card-carrying, MLIS-holding library pro, but I’ve been in a marketing mode and mindset (even when I thought I wasn’t!) for almost 20 years (you know I’m a former marketing executive, right?!). I’m an online solopreneur too ya know! I practice what I preach and teach. I put it to work for libraries, nonprofits and my info pro colleagues, so I can put it to work with YOU!

Use This Short Form to Get in Contact and Chat About How I Can Help You Feel Mighty About Your Marketing