Solopreneurs – Do You Need a Helping Hand to Get Over Marketing and Tech Hurdles in Your Business?

You may be the CEO, CFO, CMO and do-everything-person in your business but you don’t truly have to do EVERYTHING  by yourself. If you’re looking for some one-to-one coaching, help with a sticky situation in getting the pieces of your online business connected, or even some done-for-you work – you’re in the right spot here at Mighty Marketing Mojo.

Head’s up – I’m not a marketing agency, I’m a teacher and a marketing coach. I love working side-by-side with clients and seeing them light up when the “AHA!” moments come and it all clicks. I do more done-with-you-together work, but you will see a few options for in-depth help when you just really want to hand things over and have me dig in and do the work.

How Can You Team Up With Jennifer to Make Marketing Your Online Biz Easier? 

Power Hour of Borrow My Brain Time

Feeling stuck? Something in your email marketing software not working? Not sure which email software is a good fit for you? Need to learn how to make a simple, fast landing page so you can grow your list or offer a product or service for sale? Want a set of eyes on all those plugins you’ve got on your WordPress site – and do you really need all of them?

Borrow My Brain!

When you’re stuck it helps to have an outside perspective, so if you’re brain is feeling jumbled, borrow mine.

These 60-minute calls are focused, personalized, get-it-done-together time. We can solve the one problem that’s got you most stuck right now – and get you back to doing what you do best.  

A single, recorded 60-minute Borrow My Brain hour is currently $150 and can be purchased direct from this link.

Supersized Borrow My Brain

Sometimes the problem is a little more complex or has multiple parts, so we need more than one hour together. Or you just know that you want more time with my brain and want the best deal possible! (psst - frequent returning clients this is for you! 🥰)

For example, we need to create a landing page, connect the form, you write the emails and have me review them, set up the automated email series, and test it all out. Maybe you want more time with me to review your copy and emails, write out a content plan, or to make suggestions as you do your ‘homework.’ Or other similar marketing tech situations with connected or related tasks.

Grab this supersized package of (3) hours of time together and let’s get lots done.

The package is a discounted deal of $375 vs. buying separate Borrow My Brain hours.  The (3) hours must be used within 60 days – we want to prioritize action-taking.

3-Month Mighty Marketing Coaching

Want more clients? Of course you do! Want to attract clients that understand you value? Heck yeah! Need help deciding on the best course of action for your marketing – that feels easier and aligned with you and your biz? And want to feel less stressed about it? Absolutely!

That’s what good, strategic marketing is all about. And it’s about finding your particular Marketing Mojo. I love helping clients find a new perspective. I don’t do B.S., nor cookie-cutter approaches to either the marketing mindset or your actual daily tactics. 

Use my years of experience, from my days as an advertising executive, the customer service work, my years in research and teaching, and of course my own small business, consultant, course creator days to help you figure out where to focus your precious energy.

Been with me in a challenge, course, workshop or Borrow My Brain time and want even MORE time together? Cool, so do I!

The 90-day Mighty Marketing Coaching package includes (2) calls per month, email support with accountability check-ins, reviews of your ‘homework’, plus any worksheets, handouts, or other resources I have that can help you.  

The $750 package price is like getting one call free! Click here to go right to purchase your package. 

I love working with clients one-to-one, in groups, in classes and workshops, during challenges, and in new membership groups.

Jennifer at Mighty Marketing Mojo Loves Working With Solopreneur Clients in Groups courses workshops coaching one-to-one services

Need More of Your Marketing Tasks Just Done? Explore Done-For-You Services

While I’m not a marketing agency, I do offer a few limited done-for-you marketing services where you can hand me your logins, copy and let me just get it done while you work on other things. If you dislike dealing with sales page setup, ActiveCampaign makes you sweat and swear, Canva sucks up all your time for creating graphics, or you want a simple logo animation for a video intro on your new YouTube channel – I can take those tasks off your to-do list and get ‘em DONE.

Why Work with Jennifer at Mighty Marketing Mojo

I’ve been there, done that, made the mistakes, learned and can save you from the common marketing tech troubles. Even with my career detours into library-land (yeah, I’m a degreed, still dues-paying library and research professional with a different business in that niche), I’ve been in the marketing mode for 26 years. I’ve been a boot-strapping, budget-conscious solopreneur like you for more than a decade. I practice what I teach. Let me put the skills and experience to work in helping you.

What Some of My Mighty Pals Have to Say About Working Together

Roz No Longer Procrastinates About Emails

I have been procrastinating on email marketing because, while I know it is important, I made it so important I was afraid I would get it wrong so I never actually did it with any consistency.

Working with Jennifer helped develop the skills I need for my emails to not only be effective but fun enough to commit to a consistent schedule!

I love working in the container of a challenge. Having a lot of people on the same 'mission' makes it easier to stay on task, even when distractions come in!
Prizes and fun are also VERY helpful!!

Jennifer Saved Me From Email Frustration

Jennifer took the frustration out of learning a new email program that was more advanced than I was used to. She saved me so much time in the learning curve! I'm excited I can make sure my list is getting the exact info they are looking for.

Get Over the Tech Troubles Mountain

Jennifer is beyond amazing at helping people climb their tech learning curves. I'm giving her full credit for my confidence to build my recent landing page!

Lane Therrell RN/MSN, Health Coach

Lynn Launches Her First Product

After coaching with Jennifer I was able to setup and launch my very first online product. Jennifer took the time to evaluate my project and gave specific and actionable steps to increase the value of what I was working on, all the way through completion. She walked me through the entire process of setup. With Jennifer’s help, I can now proudly say I am a published author of an online program.

Lynn Leusch Crafter, Teacher

Jennifer Makes the Tech Easier to Understand

As I'm building my online presence, I'm doing some tech learning in my business and Jennifer is a really good person to talk about the tech with. She makes it easier to understand.

Cool Trello Tip!

Thanks to your training I learned that I could send something from my email to a Trello board - how cool is this?!!!

Fran's Sign-Up Success

I was working towards being involved in list-building event, but I was frustrated with trying to set up a sign up page. In one quick call Jennifer walked me through my email tech problems and in a very short period of time I had my signup page ready to go. As a result, I was able to participate in a giveaway and add almost 100 people to my mailing list!

Fran Watson Coach/Career Coach