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Marketing Services

Is The Word “Marketing” Just One More Chore to Add to Your To-Do List?

mighty marketing mojo marketing services for solopreneurs Worry no more! We can clean up marketing messes or headaches. You don't have to do everything by yourself as a solopreneur. I offer several marketing options here at Mighty Marketing Mojo.  Need to borrow my brain for a while because yours is full of ideas and too many tasks to tackle? No problem!  Looking for a marketing coaching package where we dive deeper than just an hour? Got you covered on that. Not a graphics whiz or wish someone could make a quick animated video for your business? Yep, you can get some of your marketing tasks done for you here.

What Can You Team Up With Jennifer to Do to Make Your Marketing Mightier?

Borrow My Brain

Want more clients? Of course! Want to attract clients that understand your value? Sure you do! Want to not feel stressed out about that? Absolutely!

That’s what good marketing is designed to do. I can help with most of the marketing problems you’re having and give you a nudge or new perspective on promotion, strategy, blogging, your audience or where to focus right now. Grab a power hour of a Borrow My Brain session and walk away with your focused, personalized marketing to-do list, and soon it will be to-DONE! Learn more on what we can do and how to Borrow My Brain here.

Marketing Coaching Packages

Want ongoing marketing support or to dive deeper in figuring out a plan that makes sense for your solo biz? Consider a short-term marketing coaching package. Coaching available as one-on-one monthly (or bi-weekly) sessions or new group deals! [read here about why I have my own coaches to help me build and grow my business]

I can help with most of the marketing problems you’re having and give you a nudge or a new perspective on promotion, strategy, blogging, your audience or where to focus your precious energy right now.  We do video calls so we can screen share (recorded for you to replay at your leisure) with ‘homework' to complete between coaching sessions, using worksheets, handouts, or other resources I give you. I help you beat your distractions, find new marketing focus, and hold you accountable to actually getting out there and getting it done!

Example of marketing coaching video call from Jennifer Burke The InfoHound

Example of marketing coaching call – with screen sharing on ‘homework'

Need More of the Marketing Chores Actually Done and Not Just Planned?

Done For You Marketing Graphics, Animations, or Videos

Need new social media header images, a package of graphics to go with some blog posts, or a short animated video to better explain your business to prospective clients? But you dread figuring out how to do it or you just don't have the time? I'll take some of those pesky, techie, graphics-related marketing tasks off your to-do list and just get 'em DONE for you. Check out details on some of the Done for You marketing services I can offer so you get to focus on your clients.


    Why Work With Jennifer at Mighty Marketing Mojo?

    I've been there, and done all that too! I live and breathe the new trends, tips, tools and tactics for marketing in the 21st century. Sure, I’m also a card-carrying, MLIS-holding library pro, but I’ve been in a marketing mode and mindset (even when I thought I wasn’t!) for almost 20 years (you know I'm a former marketing executive, right?!). I’m an online solopreneur too ya know! I practice what I preach and teach. I put it to work for libraries, nonprofits and my info pro colleagues, so I can put it to work with YOU!

    Use This Short Form to Get in Contact and Chat About How I Can Help You Feel Mighty About Your Marketing