Get Your Mighty Marketing Mojo!

Want to Get Smarter About Marketing?

  • ​You're building a successful solopreneur service business, helping out your clients ... but clients aren't quite lined up at your door or overflowing your inbox. 
  • ​You're doing good solo work and have happy clients ... but you wish those happy clients weren't spread so far apart in the year. 
  • ​You've wondered how as a solopreneur you're possibly supposed to know it all, do it all, market it all ... 
  • ​Or ... maybe you're rocking along mightily and don't have these worries ... but you do wish you had more time to keep up with the latest trends and hot tools for growing and marketing your solo biz. You think you may be missing something. 

​STOP!  Stop thinking you have to know it all. Or do it all. Stop trying to do it all solo all the time! You need someone who's already done the heavy work, digging up all the info on smarter marketing. Someone who can help you find ... 

Your Mighty Marketing Mojo ! 

What You Need Right Now Is Some Marketing Help

Yes, a little help. A hand-up, a shortcut, a light shining in the dark corners of marketing. You could use someone who's already dug up the latest research on marketing trends, found you the best marketing tools, gives you tips, coaches and trains you, and even offers ​some Done-For-You services in areas that just aren't your strengths or skill set. So you go back to serving those happy clients. Maybe you need help figuring out what parts of marketing you need to learn (and what you CAN outsource) and you don't want a long, full-blown course, but a little instruction, or some guidance.

​You're In the Right Place!

​When I was The InfoHound I was all about sniffing out and digging up the best, smart marketing resources and bringing it right to my pals. Now I'm all about helping you find your Mighty Marketing Mojo! I want you to confidently, boldly, MIGHTILY go market your biz! ​Great tips, tactics, tools and more especially for smart (but busy) solopreneurs like you. Like a lot of my colleagues. Like me!

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DFY Marketing Services

​Sometimes you need someone to do the marketing work for you: logo animations, short videos perfect for social media, simple social graphics, or maybe a website audit. Click to read more...

Marketing Coaching

​Combine learning, skills in action, a supportive environment, and ​a hefty dose of accountability ​so you take ACTION and feel MIGHTY about your marketing. Click to read more... 


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