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I love recommending software, tools,books, blogs, and resources for easier, smarter marketing and business growth

If you know anything about me, either as my once alter ego The InfoHound or with my library degree and my teaching work, you know I love testing and trying new tools, apps, software, gear, and gadgets.  I try to do my homework (hey, I’m a trained librarian after all!) and research gear and tools before I try, buy or recommend. That's a big reason you're here, right. I suggest you do your research too, even with things I’m recommending to you here.

I like a LOT of tools, but I'll try to highlight my faves here. I'll tell you why I like a tool, why I prefer one over another I tried, and what I maybe exploring next. I'll give you book recommendations – because, hello, librarian here. 😉   I'll also list pages or solid, ‘evergreen' posts that have top resources for making you a smarter marketing solopreneur. This is the one-stop-shop for smart, mighty marketing resources

Top Pages or Posts of Key Resources for Smarter Solopreneur Marketing

I wrote a FAQ explaining what PLR/White Label or Licensed Content is and why a solopreneur like you or me might be interested and use something like that in our business. I want to demystify it and take away some of the fear factor that I know I had when I first encountered the notion of paying for ghostwritten content. Yes, it can be legit and good and yes, it can make sense for you!

Favorite Apps and Online Tools

I have recommendations for you in tools for website building, email marketing, social media monitoring and management, graphic design, and photo/video. I keep adding to, and tweaking, my list so it gets its own page.


Reading Recommendations for Smart Solopreneurs to Get Even Smarter

Some of the great marketing books on my office bookshelf:

Jennifer's Mighty Marketing recommended favorite books pile







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