8 Business Marketing Blogging Mistakes to Avoid Jeff Bullas post

It's a Crowded Online World and We Can't Afford to Make Mistakes With Our Websites and Blogs

We are long past the days when we could just add a blog to our website and post whatever we felt like, whenever we felt like, and just talk randomly to our potential audience and watch traffic and business roll in. If that ever even really worked! We are busy and our readers and potential customers are busy and have SOOOOOO many options out there to learn from, read, listen, or watch. We have to be strategic with our websites and our blogs. If you're around me any length of time you'll know that “research” is my middle name, but strategy is my game. 😉  I talk strategy ALL the time.

Jeff Bullas 8 mistakes business bloggers must avoid

Let's take a strategy refresher on making our blogs work for our businesses, eh?

We have to think through what's our purpose in blogging, why are we going to talk about the things we're talking about, what content resonates and is helpful, does it align with our overall business voice (part of our brand), and how does it help us to build our business – aka move readers to leads to customers. We're in business after all, not just blogging for the hell of it!

So I really appreciated this post from master marketing expert, Jeff Bullas's blog, and the savvy guest post by Mary Whitman, giving advice on blogging strategy and the 8 mistakes new bloggers must avoid making. Heck, these are mistakes I even see online veterans make, ones I've succumbed to at times in the last decade!

“There’s no magic pill that you can swallow to make your blog successful overnight.”

Tip #1 on setting goals – yeah, that's in my sweet spot! I talk goal setting in all my workshops and I've even created a special Mighty Marketing Mojo KickStart 2019 coaching program around getting our goals together. So, I agree this has to be priority #1 if we're using our blogs to bring business.

This guest post doesn't hesitate to throw down the tough love – which I LOVE! I don't do B.S. and neither does this list of mistakes to avoid – like mistake #4 -“your content is average.” Ouch. Zing!

BUT … spot on. We MUST take stands, share opinions, talk about our own ups/downs, successes/failures if we are going to have content that stands out from everyone else in our niche. Post quotes another marketing expert, Michelle Digweed, “if the topics you choose to cover have been discussed a million times before, don’t expect huge results.” Tough love, but true. Don't be boring. DO be you!

Before you start posting on your blog, or return to it from a hiatus, or as you're working on your fantastic 2019 goals and plans, I encourage you to read this article and think about how you're going to avoid these mistakes in the new year. And if you want to work on that together – cool – that's what Mighty Marketing Mojo is all about!

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