Let's Get Your Essential Emails DONE!

I'm so excited to bring you this coaching + co-working experience! 

We solopreneurs are busy and we often put off a lot of the key parts of marketing, including writing emails - event those essential, first emails. No more! We're here to get it DONE - together.

You're receiving:

(5) 60+ minute coaching + co-working calls - the coaching portion of calls will be recorded and you can view the replays here. You are encouraged to make every call live to get the most from the coaching experience and to use the dedicated time for actually writing your emails! No excuses on procrastinating. 😉

Use this Zoom link each week - it's also linked below 

Pop-up private FB Group for accountability and sharing- all about emails visit the group to get to know other participants, nudge each other to do your 'homework' (that includes me!), to share your emails and receive feedback from other participants and me.

**Share your emails in the FB group each week by Wednesday before our next call to be eligible for me to do a video review with feedback on your email.**

Handouts - any slides from the coaching sessions will be below with that week's video - pay attention to Week 1 on setting your goal and choosing your 5-email welcome path.

BONUS: Email templates  - you will receive a set of templates for the 5 part welcome series that you can adapt for your business. 

BONUS: extra review call - to be scheduled at end of the 5 week program

  • LIVE Coaching 1 - Thurs Oct 21 1pm ET
    LIVE Coaching 2 - Thurs. Oct 21 1pm ET
    LIVE Coaching 3 - Thurs Nov 4 1pm ET
    LIVE Coaching 4 - Thurs Nov 11  1pm ET
    LIVE Coaching 5 - Thurs Nov 18  1pm ET
    BONUS Review Call  TBD 
    All calls in Zoom at this link

  • Handouts - The Key 5 Essential Emails + Paths
    Choose which set/path of 5 emails fits your free gift and your business end goal (what's your evergreen offer or next step)
  • BONUS - Email Templates - sample email templates for you to adjust for your business 

Essential Emails - Better Nurturing and Converting Welcome Emails  - Resources 

Bookmark this page - it will have your handouts, templates, extra resources and video replays! 

COACHING VIDEOS  - only coaching portions of calls may be recorded and added here 

Coaching Call 1

We went over Goals for our welcome series - you need to know your end goal.

What do you want your new subscribers to do next at the end of the welcome series? To book a call? Join a membership?  Sign up for an evergreen, self-study course?  Check out or buy a product/course from a partner/affiliate? 

All welcome emails have the essential role and goal of building connections - creating a relationship and building Know-Like- Trust with people new to you.  You want to establish your style, tone, personality, and expectations on the type and frequency of emails you send.

Which of the optional paths will you take to guide your new people to the goal?

Do they need extra content that establishes your expertise and credibility?   Look at Path A or Path C in the handout

Will you be showing your new people how they have a particular problem and your course/services are the logical next step solution to that problem?  Look at Path B or Path D

You can always use the most basic 5-email series: Deliver the request (gift/webinar/mini-training), build rapport with a related story, give additional valuable content, set up your next step offer, remind them of your offer


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Coaching Call 2

We went over the 2nd email in the series - moving on from just delivering your gift and basic introductions. 

Talked about the possible paths and the slight differences for each one's Email #2. At the end of the day though, remember YOU are working backwards from your own end goal - what action are you inspiring readers to take, what offer are you sharing?

The most basic and always appropriate 2nd email after someone opts in to receive something free from you - share a tip or example from that thing and encourage your new people to USE their gift. We don't want people just collecting freebies, letting them gather digital dust. We want people to take action and see a difference in their lives, in their business, at home, with family, etc.

We went over examples and discussed possible 2nd emails for multiple participants - including me/Jennifer! I shared that in my current evergreen welcome series I wasn't sharing my top content until the 6th email in the series instead of my 2nd. And that the blog posts I shared - while popular - were not pointing in any given direction. They didn't help start - or build - the case for why someone would be interested in my Borrow My Brain coaching/solutions offer.

Other examples talked about how to tie tips and stories from your gift towards the class you are promoting. Or how to use stories, foreshadowing (teasing), and even screenshots from a training to encourage people to dive deeper or go to a specific tip in the opt-in item.

Foreshadowing or teasing out what's next is a technique to encourage your readers to stay engaged and looking for that next email. You can use the technique in your newsletters and broadcast emails too.


Coaching Call 3

Now it's on to Email #3!

The specifics of the third email again depend a bit on YOUR goal and offer and what path best suits you and your offer to lead them there.

For some, this might be the time to share more of your own story and what's in it for your reader and their issues.

Or to start introducing your next offer as the logical next step and solution.

Maybe this is the point you begin sharing testimonials, a client quote, a mini case study.

Which one will help your readers get from point A (uh, who are you?) to Goal (oh yeah I want that course/template/call/membership)?

Check out the templates below for example Email #3s and add in your offer, your story examples. Don't over think it - keep it simple. 


Coaching Call 4

By the time we get to writing 4th email in the series, we should know where we are headed and where we want our readers going too.

Even if you don't have an evergreen or paid offer, a logical next solution, you need some kind of Logical Next Action that your new subscriber can take and continue building a relationship with you. Ideally we have an easy-to-say-yes-to offer that helps convert new people to happy new customers.   But when you don't have that - have something you can point them towards. 

You've introduced yourself, given them extra value with related content, started showing them they still have a ways to go in the area of the topic of your opt-in gift, and you may have introduced a logical solution by now.  If not, let's show them the solution and the logical offer in Email #4.

Tie your offer back to your tips, your story, and the gift that brought them in. Ask questions that have your reader thinking "yeah, that sounds like my situation!" so it's natural when you say 'hey, I've been there and I have an answer for you'

If you introduced your Next Step offer in Email # 3 - then use Email #4 to address questions, common objections and/or include social proof (case studies, testimonials, client quotes). Help them move closer to saying 'Yes!' to your offer.

Coaching Call 5 

Wrapping up - the 5th email - the last reminder or call to action to take a logical next step with you. 

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RESOURCES TO PRINT - Handouts, Templates

Handouts - Call 1 - Goals and Email Options [<click to download PDF]

Handouts - Call 2 - Recap of the email paths planning email 2 [<click to download PDF] 

Handouts - Call 4 - Recap of the paths with focus on Email #4 - 2 sample emails (one is from templates)

BONUS Email Templates - adapt and use for your welcome series now and later  [<click to download Word Doc]

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