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​​​​The Beginner's Guide to

Your Facebook Live Mojo

Mighty Marketing training Facebook Live for business

​Are you having some nerves about fully embracing live social video as part of your marketing strategies, even though you've heard a lot of stats about how hot and important video is?

Do you want to try out Facebook Live videos, but aren't sure where to start?

Are you looking to shake off some camera shyness, turn the nervous energy into excitement, and really share with your community?

If so, you're in the right place and this multi video tutorial will take you step-by-step to your first Facebook Live video. You'll be able to fully embrace your own video mojo!

​​Embrace Video with this Quick Training

What's Included ​In Beginner's Guide to Your FB Live Mojo

​​​​6 short videos ​tutorials

​See key how-to steps and inside peeks at tools to help ​with your first live - Before, During, and After to rock your ​video mojo
​FB Live Checklist
​Tips for Camera Confidence

Bonus! Updated list of my budget-friendly gear recommendations

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​I'm Jennifer Burke, a fellow solopreneur,​ a coach, and a marketing geek. Take advantage of my years as a marketing exec, researcher, and now teacher.
I keep up on all the trends and tools so you don't have to. Marketing doesn't have to be hard or stressful. ​I help you find your ​own marketing mojo!

​​Have you wanted to jump on live social video trend but weren't sure how or felt nervous?

​​​If you've been feeling anxious about sharing yourself, your face, out there to the universe with a FB Live, don't worry! I've been there too - my nerves were probably 10x higher! 

​I know the tips and tricks of film and video from my undergrad film minor, my days in advertising, and years of being a serious amateur photographer with a slight gear addiction. I knew what I should do. But I also had serious nerves thanks to an old medical issue affecting my face. Did I really want to put my funky face back in front of the camera, instead of staying comfortable behind the lens? 

​​I did want to connect more with my community and followers. I did want to take stands and share my opinions on marketing. I did want to take advantage of the tools and marketing strategies that were going to boost my business. So, yeah, I really did want to get on video! 

​And the good news is that live social video is more casual, more forgiving, and so much more interactive and engaging than other videos. You don't need fancy gear (though I will make some gear recommendations), you don't need to know much about video techniques, you just need a clear message and be willing to talk.


​See - it's going to be easy for you to find your FB Live video mojo with the help of my video demonstrations, tool walk-throughs, and tips. 

​Claim your mighty marketing live video mojo!

Yes, Please!
I Want to ​Grab the ​​Beginner's Guide to Your FB Live Video Mojo

Jennifer, I want ​​​to embrace live video like you did!  I want to know ​how to create my first FB Live or to schedule one. I want to know the tools you use. And I definitely want your tips on building camera confidence!

​I'll get access to the following:

Facebook Live video training course videos
  • ​​Video Tutorials - ​6 short ​videos covering what to do before, during, and after your first FB Live video. Watch me work and see inside the (free!) tools I use.
  • ​Checklist - ​​After you gain confidence with the video tutorials you can use the checklist to make sure you cover all the steps as you create your first video.
  • ​​Camera confidence - ​​​Get my quick tips on preparing for any video situation and turning nerves into excitement.
  • ​Resources - ​get my recommendations on affordable gear for making quality videos.


​​​Beginner's Guide to Your FB Live Video Mojo is ready for you now! 

​Take this self-paced mini-course and be camera ready in no time.


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