​Thanks for Joining Me for
​Smarter Social Success!

​I'm so excited you're joining me for this special training and coaching series!

You know you can’t be a successful solopreneur and spend all YOUR time on social media - so you've made the decision to spend your time SMARTER!

You're receiving:

(2) 60 minute web calls, (1) 60 minute Q&A - all recorded to watch again later, plus worksheets and handouts 

see below for links to your handouts - read them over and bring them with you to the sessions - PLUS save this page as Bonus resources may be added!)

Our coaching/training sessions will take place in the web video conferencing and webinar tool - Zoom. Meetings will be recorded so you can watch them again any time you'd like. Click this link to access Zoom or enter Meeting ID 573-660-766

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    Day 1: Prep for Success - Tuesday ​December ​4th, 11am ET (note different time)
    Today we get smarter about our audiences, social platforms, tools to help us, and our social goals.
  • Day 2: Smart Posting, Smarter Automation - Wednesday ​December 5th ​1pm ET  Today we get smarter about ​posting tools to help us, and our for more engagement and how to automate without sacrificing personal attention or appearing like a bot.
  • Q&A Day - ​Wednesday, ​December 12th- 1pm ET   Bring your new SMART social goals for the next 30 days and all your questions!

​Smarter Social Media Success Starts In:


Smarter Social Success Resources: Click to download

Mighty Marketing Social Media Automation Tools Comparison Chart

​Slides from each day of training:

BONUS Resources:

If you don't already have it, grab my 10 Top Social Media Tools guide.

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Day 1 Training Recording 
Day 2 Training Recording 

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