Solopreneurs - Join Me​ in Building SMART Marketing Habits in a ​30 Day Challenge!

​​​Smarter Marketing Habits Lead to Bigger Business Success

Smart Marketing Habits Routines for Small Business Owners

You’re a smart solopreneur, but also a very busy one.

There's so much we can be doing to promote our work to our ideal clients. So much that it can swamp us!

​Sure we have big projects we can work on but we also need the smaller steps. We need SMART daily marketing habits that can get us to our bigger goals and bigger success.

​Instead of spinning our wheels with ​busy work, let's build smart habits and actions that bring results.

What if ​I gave you daily tips and support to build those smart marketing habits– ​so you don't get lost in all the possible things ​you could be doing?

​What if I helped show you that marketing doesn't need to spin you around. What if in the next 30 days you started to find your own marketing mojo?! 

​Build Your Mighty SMART Marketing Habits
​with Daily Small Steps - Join the 30-Day Challenge

What's Included When You Claim Your Challenge Spot:

​​​Daily Emails with Tips and Tasks
​​eBook Action Guide
​SMART Goals Worksheet
​Facebook Group for Questions, Accountability, Sharing

(3) Live Q&A Meetings ​
​October 1-31 2019: ​Mighty SMART Marketing Habits Challenge 

Jennifer Burke of Mighty Marketing Mojo photo from Chorus Photography

​I'm Jennifer Burke, a fellow solopreneur,​ a coach, and a marketing geek. Take advantage of my years as a marketing exec, researcher, and now teacher/trainer. I keep up on all the trends and tools so you don't have to. Let's get your marketing mojo on!

​Have you felt your marketing mojo slipping lately and want to get your focus back? 

​Research shows that 30 days ​is a perfect amount of time for ​taking small steps to create new habits - new habits that can lead to big results. 

​Start your SMART marketing habit-building with me ​ during this challenge! 

You'll get emails from me through out the month, nudging and guiding you to the small actions you can be taking for consistent marketing and consistent results. ​

​This isn't about the big stretches we sometimes need to take to light up our work, but the smaller habits that build up big success over time. ​We can all find the time to ​put these bite-size lessons in to action. 

​What makes them smarter marketing habits? These will be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-Bound - you know, SMART! 

In addition to the emails, you will have access to support and accounability in the Mighty Marketing Mojo Facebook Group. Plus we will have a few live calls during the month to check-in and talk progress. ​We will support each other in building our new, improved marketing habits. ​Together we can all see big impacts from small changes.

We will claim our mighty marketing mojo!

Yes, Please!
I Want to Join the ​Mighty SMART Marketing Habits Challenge

Jennifer, I want ​​the big impact with just small changes. I want to know what to do for my marketing right now, so I see those mighty results!  ​I'm ready to take the challenge!

​I'll get access to the following:

Build smart marketing habits with small daily steps and tasks
Mighty Marketing SMART Marketing Habits challenge product mockup
  • ​Daily Emails - ​every business day look for  your tips, prompts, and tasks to take for small steps that lead to bigger success.
  • (3) Live Meetings - ​There will be kickoff session, a midway check-in, plus ​a final success celebration session. ​Bring your questions and celebrate your habit-building! 
  • ​Resources ​to help you stay on track - ​​Get all the tips + bonus suggestions in the action guide ebook; plus a SMART goals worksheet and tracker.
  • Facebook Group - online space to ask questions, post accountability check-ins, and share wins. There may be bonus prompts, questions, and Facebook Lives with tips.


​​Mighty SMART Marketing Habits Challenge starts ​October 1

LIVE ​Kickoff ​Tuesday October 1, 2pm ET


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