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This was special ...

My pal Charlene Burke was my guest to talk about how to really understand our clients and write emails that build a relationship and sell - no matter what type of small business, any kind of niche. The focus was on creating a nurturing series of emails to follow when someone opts-in for our free gift. We want them to get to know us, like us, and trust us- so that they are ready and eager to take us up on our offer. We talked about using our customer's own words, keeping a focus in each email, building them in sequence to lead to our offer, and not over-complicating. Based on input from participants we work-shopped 3 examples, plus Charlene shared others from her 1:1 email-writing work.  Below you will see what the participants shared in the chat with us and Charlene used in crafting possible emails for the businesses. 

Jump to about the :30minute - :40minute plus mark in the video for when we work through examples

[NOTE: a full transcript will be added soon - check back as it has details on the email sequences taught]

Audrey:(37 minutes in)

Core product (in development): Paper Organization 911.  I help: ADHD moms who struggle with organization.   Solve: how to get through the paper mountain that threatens to overwhelm.

Kat: [:54 minutes in]

Core (new lead magnet): Smart Bartering, How to Create a Win-Win Solution that Respects Your Time and Talents
Helps: Solopreneurers, especially those working from home, newbies, part-time hobby biz owners, working with zero or shoe-string business budgets

Solves: The question Is it possible to barter services without eventually feeling put upon? Pros and cons of bartering. How to structure a bartering arrangement.

With some examples of successful business bartering agreements ... and bad ones.

Renee: [:44 minutes in]

Core (webinar) "Help Organize Your Disorganized Student"

Lead Magnet: : Assessment on Child's Organizing style

Helps:  Parents who are fighting with their children about school;  struggling with remote learning; have smart kids who can't seem to get their work from the kitchen table to the classroom

Solves:  Why doesn't my child get this? They're smart! They did the work!  They know what to do!
How can I help them b/c it's not rocket science!
I walk them through figuring out their child's organizing style (it could be very  different than parent's style)
How to connect with their child to stop fighting and be on the same team

Special deal made during the webinar ... 

Charlene is teaching an Email Writing Masterclass, 4 modules, guidebook, and videos with live Q&A via a private FB group - starting live September 21, 2020.  Masterclass for $47 only available on this page and to my community. Check it out! I'll be working on improving my welcome series of emails with Charlene!

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