8 Solopreneur Business Owners Share Stories Why Email Marketing is Important

8 Smart Solopreneurs – Coaches, Community Builders, Creators – Tell Why Email Is Mighty Marketing for Them

If you’ve been online for business for even a hot minute you’ve heard lots of folks talk about the power of email marketing, that email is NOT dead, it has a great return on investment, its an asset that YOU own (unlike social media), and so much more. And it’s all true! Email is very mighty marketing for online business owners across all niches and client types.

But becoming good at email marketing can feel hard, taking time, patience, and testing. Thankfully, there are awesome business owners out there willing to share what they’ve learned over the years in creating an email community and using email to build their businesses.

One thing they all echo is that success comes from honoring your subscribers and readers as community members  – not just a name on a list. Connect with them, build relationships, encourage feedback and connection, and you will all benefit.

I asked several of my online business pals, across different niches and client audiences, to share a story of what it has meant for their business to use email marketing and to offer some encouragement  for engaging with your growing email community. Please enjoy and add your own email stories and tips in the comments section!

Melissa Brown of She's Got Content

Melissa Brown shares her email marketing story

“These people are my community … I don’t take them for granted”

I always remember that an email list is comprised of people. And these people are my community–each and every one of them has their own dreams and hopes. At some point, they said yes to one of my offers to be on this list. I don't take them for granted.

However, my respecting their inboxes got in the way in the beginning when I was building my list. I didn't want to ‘bother' anyone by emailing them! I was having full-blown anxiety about sending an email to be sure. I was so afraid that any email I sent would bring an avalanche of unhappiness from the people on my list.

My coach, Kelly McCausey challenged me to begin sending just one email per week. I could talk about whatever I wanted to share in that email. And that was the turning point because now, in almost 3 years, I have not missed a week sending my weekly email on Monday Mornings. I send more emails throughout the week now, too, if there's something I want to share with my community.

All it took was a commitment to email just one time per week. Simple. Once I started racking up the weeks of emailing, I didn't want to break the chain. And now after this long having a weekly streak, I do whatever it takes to send out that email.

What is your favorite part of having an email community to talk with?

Finding and making offers that my people love. I feel like a matchmaker when I share n affiliate's link for a service or product and someone buys.💙 And then I know better what kinds of offers to bring more of to them.


Kelly McCausey of Love People and Make Money

Kelly McCausey shares why email is important

“Email gives us choices and is empowering”

Like everyone else, over the years I've played on a variety of social platforms from the old Ryze.com and Yahoo Groups to the common social spaces everyone tinkers with today. I've had success for a season in most places I give attention to – but nothing lasts forever. If I weren't leveraging the opportunity to invite people over to my mailing list community, those connections would be lost.

I invite you to think about email as building a community of people. When I hear “list”, I like to think “Community.”  My Community – not one that I own, but one that I'm a part of. [Me too Kelly, me too! ~Jennifer]

What is your favorite part of having an email community to talk with?

Being a choice about when I make contact is empowering. I get to choose when and how often I send email. Will I mail a couple times this week or every day? I can popcorn topics or I can drill down on one thing for a week. I did that recently, focusing on passion in business. Seven emails that built one on another and has now turned into a meaty blog post and evergreen coaching offer.


Val Selby, Coach and Community Builder 

Val Selby tells how important email marketing is to her business

“Email is the constant that’s been part of my business success for years”

I truly feel it means everything to my business success to have an engaged list. Social media is ‘fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants' if they will want to stay connected or click on products to buy. Those in my email community are saying they want to invest just a little with me to find our more. Plus, now that I'm using Active Campaign I can get really targeted to those that are clicking on things and could use more information on any given topic.

What is your favorite part of having an email community to talk with?

My absolute favorite is getting replies from an email I've sent out. Whether it's laughing at something I've said that made their day better or sharing a tough story, it's definitely my favorite to get the feedback that they opened AND read it. *all the warm fuzzies*


Pam Hamilton at Building Visibility

Pam Hamilton shares importance of learning email marketing

“the power of email for business success comes from relationships built through emails”

Having an email community allows me to talk with the people who have shown in interest in what I have to offer without all the outside noise.

I didn't fully appreciate that in the past and had often ignored my list. Now-a-days I know how important it is. And, I'm working hard to get better at communicating with the people who've trusted me with their email address.

People always say the money's in the list, the money's in the list. But, that isn't quite true. The money is in having a community of people that you have built a relationship with, so that they know, like and trust you. Those people will buy your products and services and those you recommend. Email allows you to do that with people all over the world, and people right around the corner too.

What is your favorite part of having an email community to talk with?

My favorite part of having an email list is knowing that the people on it, chose to be there. I know each of the people on my list want to hear from me. That makes it a lot easier to make sure I speak with them through email regularly. I'm still not as regular as I want to be; but I'm way better than I was. I'm a work in progress just like the folks on my list. I love knowing that they appreciate that just as much as the content I share.


Terry Loving WordPress Management Services

Terry Loving shares her email marketing story

“I love how some emails are a real conversation and I’m looking to find my voice that way”

I know why I should have an email community and I have tried to build a responsive one interested in what I do. However, I admit that I find growing an engaged email community to be very challenging as website management doesn’t feel like a “Sexy” topic. I am currently working on making my topics more specific and my emails more frequent.

I love receiving Jennifer's emails and save them as I like how we are having a conversation. The conversational style and how she shares her tips and processes of working with her community is very helpful. I'm looking to find my voice in a similar way. [awww thanks Terry!~Jennifer]

What is your favorite part of having an email community to talk with?

Some days I wrestle with sending emails if response has been quiet. But, I know that when you have a list that engages your people, those email interactions can be very effective.  An email community is truly the most effective and inexpensive way to market on line as you are talking directly to someone.


Dr Renee Cohn Jones of Helping Parents Parent

Dr Renee Cohn Jones shares why she loves email marketing

“I love getting replies, comments and being able to answer questions for my email community”

Having an email list has been the best way for me to provide information, education, and support to the parents I work with. I've tried a few other things that have helped bring people in/let people know I am out there, but email is the tried and true way that I engage with my parents.

I can share anything with them, so that is a bonus, too – whether it is an educational email, something interesting that I can turn into a parenting tip. For example, I shared about National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day and how that can be a  science experiment in the kitchen, connecting with your child! Or I can email an offer for an upcoming webinar or course. Sending messages to my email list is a great way to reach everyone.

What is your favorite part of having an email community to talk with?

It has been so much fun for me to get responses and comments about an email I've sent (not always enthusiastic!) and is a great way for me to grow the connection and relationship I have with my clients/the parents I work with.


Connie Ragen Green, Small Business Unmarketing

Connie Ragen Green shares how important email marketing is to her business

“With each email I’m renewing my vow to my community to provide them with content, ideas, and resources in way that benefits each of us.”

When I think about my email list, I think of the trust people from around the world have placed in me over the years. They've shared their name and email address with a total stranger, or, at best someone whose articles they have read or perhaps seen on social media. Less common is the person who has met me in person and has more of a connection with me, and I with them.

I do not take this trust lightly or for granted. With each email I send, I'm renewing my vow to them to provide content, ideas, resources, and more in a way that will be beneficial to each of us.

What is your favorite part of having an email community to talk with?

I love having an ongoing conversation with the people on my list! I ask probing questions and encourage them to reply to me. I believe this creates a Mastermind, where each person’s thoughts, feelings, and beliefs are valued and acknowledged. Even when we don't see eye to eye, we are able to discuss even the most controversial topics with mutual respect.


Stephanie Watson-Barry of Monthly Content Helpers

Stephanie Watson Barry relies on email marketing in business

“Without our email community we wouldn’t have a business”

Without our list, we would not have a business. As we build this business and as the list grows with customers and interested people, income grows right along with it. Our email list is something we own that we can take with us to any platform/email software of our choice, depending on what's useful to our customers and audience. Whether blab, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and so forth, the email list — regardless of the platform used to manage the list – adds enormous value to us as a business and our customers who can always get the information we distribute.

What is your favorite part of having an email community to talk with?

No matter what happens to social media like LinkedIn.com and Facebook.com, we can always use email marketing to contact our customers and keep them informed, engaged, and on track with their business goals.

What’s MY Email Story?

Jennifer Burke Mighty Marketing Mojo Headshot Outside AtlantaMy email story is still evolving; like my business pals, I too know the power of honoring those who choose to receive my emails. Mighty Marketing Mojo has grown because my email community has grown.

My community has grown because I’ve dedicated time, energy, and resources to building it – through list-building events like giveaways, bundle sales, speaking on podcasts, speaking at summits, creating multiple free opt-in offers to meet my audience where they are in their business journey. You can’t just plop a form in the side bar of your blog and hope people find it. You need to be proactive about sharing and promoting the ways to join your email community every day in multiple places. Leverage the power of your network and community to help grow your community.

Creating a consistent habit of writing and sending emails has also been crucial. The more I write and send, the stronger my voice becomes, the clearer my message, the more responses I get, relationships develop, and my business grows.

If you’re still on the fence, wondering about making choices for email software, or confused about the steps to get started – it's time to get my free 12-step guide and checklist for Email Marketing Setup for Success.

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Let’s hear your experiences with email marketing!

Please add your email stories or tips in the comments

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  • Jennifer, this is an incredible round-up–great job! Email marketing is all about community, it’s so true! You’re bringing all different people together around a common interest and having conversations with them–mostly one direction but I love when someone hits reply and sends me a response back. That’s been an eye-opener for me on the other end of someone else’s emails, too. I’ll more frequently do that when an email I read from someone strikes a chord for me.

    Thank you for your efforts in bringing this post and your community together.

  • I love all these different takes on email marketing – and especially how they all come back to community building.

  • Loved this post and reading all the smart insights from everyone! Even after all these years, since 2006 when I started my online biz, I still struggle with email marketing… but even with the struggles, it’s still the one thing that has been constant in my biz!

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