​Thanks for Joining Me for
​Smarter Social Success!

​I'm so excited ​to bring your this special training and coaching series! 

You know you can’t be a successful solopreneur and spend all YOUR time on social media - so you've made the decision to spend your time SMARTER!

You're receiving:

(2) 60-minute ​training session videos, (1) 60 minute Q&A session video - all ​available 24/7

Plus you get a guidebook, ​checklist and handouts related to each video

​You also have access to my free Facebook Group where you can ask your marketing questions, not just social media! And you will get invites to monthly Q&A sessions - held on social media or via Zoom. ​​​

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    ​Training 1: Prep for Success -
    ​This session helps us get smarter about our audiences, the various social platforms, picking tools to help us, and setting our smart social goals.
  • ​Training 2: Smart Posting, Smarter Automation -
    ​This session helps us be smarter about ​social tools to help us, ​tips for more engagement and how to automate without sacrificing personal attention or appearing like a bot.
  • Q&A Video- ​
    ​Recording from a live Q&A

​Smarter Social Success Resources: Click to download

Mighty Marketing Social Media Automation Tools Comparison Chart

​BONUS Resources:

​If you don't already have it, grab my 10 Top Social Media Tools guide.

Training 1: Prep for Success -

Training on doing research on where our customers are, what they're saying, what they want, and how to set our smart social media goals.

Handouts/slides from Prep for Success -click to download PDF

Training 2: ​Smarter Posting, Smarter Automation - 

Training ​where ​we compare the top tools (referenced in the chart), talk about finding the right tool for your business, tips for engaging content, and the best practices for smarter automation (so you save time, but don't sound like a bot)

​Handouts/Slides from Smarter Posting-Smarter Automation -click to download PDF

​Q&A recording -

​Video recording from live Q&A session, including discussion ​on setting social goals for the next 30 days​, and more!

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