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Write Your D*mn Emails Challenge

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Affiliate link:   https://www.mightymarketingmojo.com/go/aff/go/XXXXXX?i=17

This challenge is great for any business owner, solopreneur, coach, consultant who is using (or wants to use) email marketing for their business but feels stuck on what to write and hasn’t built a consistent writing and sending habit. Group support, accountability and coaching will get them started, help them find their voice, and be a more confident email marketer.

Challenge includes:

  • Twice-weekly coaching calls
  • Private group for support and accountability
  • Daily emails with tips, ideas, and writing prompts
  • Printable email tracker
  • Printable email marketing planner

Offer:  $97

Early Action Sale:  Dec 16-19, save $30 with coupon code ACTION30

30% commission

I'm available for email interviews, livestreams and podcast chats - any ideas you have for partnering, let me know and I’m thrilled to jump in and play.


Subject:  Want a hand to succeed with email marketing?

Subject:  You up for a little challenge?

Subject: Ready to finally build a consistent email habit?

Subject: What if email marketing were easier?

Hi there!

You’ve heard all the advice on building a list to build your business.

You know that you own your list and it’s a real asset for your business – maybe your most important sales-making tool!

You have a freebie to entice people to join your email list – one that helps your people with a problem and lets them get to know you and how you work.

All great!

But … are you actually writing and sending emails consistently?

If you’re not, you’re losing out – big time.

But I get it!

So many smart business owners like you have great intentions for growing their email community and sending emails. But they just aren’t consistent with it.

You may be stuck on what to write. Or afraid of saying the ‘wrong thing.’

Or you don’t want to be ‘pushy’ or are unsure of how to send sales emails that feel right, while also sending valuable info.

Maybe you’re frustrated because your emails just sound and feel blah.

Writing emails isn’t much fun and doesn’t seem like it’s leading to business success.

It took me a while to find my own rhythm in writing and sending emails but it’s been so worth it!

My pal Jennifer from Mighty Marketing Mojo has gone through those same struggles but she figured out a way to build an email marketing habit that works. And now she’s bringing that same support to you through her new 30-day email writing challenge this January.

It’s the Write Your D*mn Emails 30-Day Challenge [INSERT LINK  https://www.mightymarketingmojo.com/go/aff/go/XXXXXX?i=17] and it gets going with your first email tip and prompt on January 1 and twice-weekly coaching calls start Jan. 3.

Through tips and prompts on what to write, group support and accountability, and the group coaching calls you’ll start to find your own voice and greater comfort with email marketing.

I’ve scored you a coupon to save $30 on the challenge if you jump in from now until Dec 19th. Use code ACTION30

Learn how to write emails that sound like you and take less time to write.

Write emails that provide value alongside valuable offers.

You don’t have to be a super star copywriter to write effective emails that build your business – you can do this! You just need a nudge and some extra support.

So, banish those ‘blank screen blues’ by joining this fun 30-day challenge to just Write Your D*mn Emails [INSERT LINK https://www.mightymarketingmojo.com/go/aff/go/XXXXXX?i=17]  and create your own mighty email habit.

[Your preferred sign-off]

P.S.  Start your year off right! Get it here [INSERT LINK https://www.mightymarketingmojo.com/go/aff/go/XXXXXX?i=17] before the coupon expires on Dec 19th.


Subject:  Want a hand to succeed with email marketing?

Subject:  You up for a little challenge?

Subject: Ready to finally build a consistent email habit?

Subject: What if email marketing were easier?

Subject: Email works better this way


Does sitting down at your computer to write an email to your community leave your palms sweaty, knees knocking, and a giant headache forming?

Or you just sit and stare at the blank screen, willing some words to appear as if by magic?

You’re not sure what to write.

You’re not sure what email should come next. Or how often should you be emailing anyway?

How can you sound like you know what you’re talking about?

How do you naturally go from sending free tips or blog posts to selling things via email?

Maybe you’ll just wait until you feel in the ‘mood’ and you have more to say – like maybe next week, or next month?

Yep, we’ve probably all been there at some stage in our business development.

It sucks to feel stuck.

Hey, some days even an experienced biz owner like me struggles with the words.

But it doesn’t happen as much any more because I’ve learned to create an email marketing habit and I know how to write in a way that feels natural for me and helps me connect with my audience.

Want to know a great way to kickstart a habit – from exercise to email writing – join a group challenge!

My smart pal, Jennifer Burke at Mighty Marketing Mojo understands the power of a challenge too. In fact it was a challenge that really kickstarted her consistent email marketing ( I know – I get all her mighty emails!).

Her Write Your D*mn Emails challenge [INSERT LINK] is here to help you kickstart your new year and your new email marketing habit.

The 30-day challenge includes twice-weekly group coaching calls, email brainstorming, daily emails with tips and writing prompts (no more blank screen blues!), an email tracker and printable email marketing planner. She’s also told me there will be prizes for those who write 30 emails in the 30 days.

All of that for only $97.  AND I have a coupon code for you – save $30 if you join by December 19th with coupon code ACTION30 [INSERT  LINK] .

With Jennifer as your guide, and tons of group support, you’ll discover your own natural, easy email rhythm.

  • You’ll learn how to have conversations with your email audience
  • Learn how to naturally make offers
  • See ways to easily make use of your existing content
  • And keep sharing valuable info that builds those crucial Know-Like-Trust factors.

Ready to shake off all those email-writing blues? Build your confidence and a mighty email marketing habit? Finally embrace that you ARE an email marketer – even if you only have one person on your list! 😉

Join Jennifer’s Write Your D*mn Emails 30-Day Challenge [INSERT LINK] and get started.

Imagine how much more success you will have in 2022 because you are fully embracing email marketing and shaking off what has you stuck.

EMAIL 3  (send before sale price ends Dec 19th - challenge remains for sale until Dec 31st but at full price) 

Subject: Does email make you uneasy? Fix it now!

Subject: Feeling stuck on what to say?

Subject: Email challenge sale price ends tonight

Words matter. Whether it’s your blog posts, social posts, notes to family, the spoken words of a video or podcast, or your emails. There’s no denying that words can and do matter.

 But it’s also possible that we over think our words and stay silent for fear of using the wrong words.

Meanwhile people are waiting – and wanting – to hear from you.

They signed up for your email list for a reason. They want your knowledge, experience, and expertise. They are waiting for your words.

But if you’re like a lot of coaches, authors, course creators, designers, and other online biz owners out there you may feel anxious about writing and sending emails.

Doubts pop up like these :

  • “How long should my email be?”
  • “How often do I have to send emails?”
  • “What do I say so I don’t sound salesy, or stuffy, or boring, or like everyone else?”

“What if people unsubscribe?”

“I don’t have anything to say!”

Your words matter and your people DO want to hear from you.

If those doubts are running around in your head and keeping you trapped in email anxiety or uncertainty, and you’d like some support in finding new and better words – I have a solution for you.

My friend Jennifer Burke is running a 30-day challenge in January, the Write Your D*mn Emails challenge [INSERT LINK] and she will nudge and support you past those email doubts. With writing prompts, coaching and group support you will find your words and write emails – 30 in 30 days.

The challenge is on sale right now and the early action coupon code expires TONIGHT. So jump in the challenge now for the best price and then get ready to write in January.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to send all 30 emails and not all in January!

Just think though – if you send a weekly email you could have enough content for more than half the year done by the end of the challenge!

Or you can mix-n-match by writing welcome emails, emails for after a free gift, emails to promote a course, updating existing nurture sequences, or writing emails to promote an affiliate offer. So many ways to write 30 emails!

But do hurry – the Write Your D*mn Emails Challenge [INSERT LINK] early action $30 savings ends tonight, Sunday December 19th at midnight. Use promo code ACTION30.

Oh, and Jennifer has promised us prizes for completing the challenge requirements!

Mighty Marketing Mojo Write Emails Challenge

10-Day Trello Challenge

Your affiliate link: 


Don't forget to replace XXXXX with your ID!

Live challenge runs Feb 8th to 19th, 2021. Twice per week live coaching + co-planning calls are Mon/Fri 1:30pm ET. Includes: Daily emails, video tips, daily action steps, Trello boards to copy, group space for accountability and support, plus prizes for participation throughout challenge.  Challenge is $47. Coupon codes are available for affiliates. 



Whether it’s planning your yearly goals or a family vacation, checking off your to-do list, brainstorming a new course, or outlining steps to hand a project to a VA, Trello can help you visualize your work and boost your productivity.

Have you wanted to see how Trello could help your business but weren’t sure where to start?

My friend Jennifer Burke of Mighty Marketing Mojo is a huge Trello fan and has been answering questions and showing it off to other online business owners for quite a while. And now she has just the way to dive right in to using Trello to plan out your business’s next steps. She is offering the Kick Your Biz in Gear with Trello 10-Day Challenge [INSERT LINK https://www.mightymarketingmojo.com/go/aff/go/XXXXXX?i=13]  going from February 8th to 19th.

The challenge is a fun, group event with daily tips, action steps, video tips, accountability check-ins, twice per week coaching calls, support, and she’s even mentioned prizes!

Sometimes the best way to learn a new tool, and to create a habit for using it, is to just dive right in! So, if you’re not yet a regular Trello user this is a great opportunity to see its flexibility in action and experiment with how it can support your business.

Already familiar or a Trello fan? Jennifer has you covered too! Use the challenge time and tips to clean up those old boards, consolidate, and use Trello to get clear on your biz marketing for the next 30 days. Find inspiration for new ways to use Trello and share your tips with other participants.

The Kick Your Biz in Gear with Trello 10-Day Challenge [INSERT YOUR LINK https://www.mightymarketingmojo.com/go/aff/go/XXXXXX?i=13]  is just $47.

The best way to handle business clutter and scattered ideas are to get organized and use a system that you’ll stuck with. Trello can be that tool. It’s not too late to get this year started and plan powerful things for your business.  Join me in the challenge!

Kick Your Business in Gear Planning with Trello Challenge

Hell Yeah You Can Start an Email List - training

Your affiliate link:  https://www.mightymarketingmojo.com/go/aff/go/XXXXX?i=9

Don't forget to replace XXXXX with your ID!

LIVE training sessions start 8/19/20 - runs for 4vweeks. (2) Training Calls in Weeks 1 + 3,  (2) Open Q&A / Demo days calls in Weeks 2 +4, additional tutorial and case study videos showing inside ActiveCampaign, digtal downloads.  PayinFull Bonus = get a 1:1 call with Jennifer to set-up email tech or to review landing pages, opt-in, or lead magnet.

Email #1

Possible Subjects

>>Do you wish you’d started building an email list sooner >>

>>Time to get serious about starting + building your email list>> 

>>The email course I wish I’d had>>

[your preferred salutation/opener ]

Email is not dead! It’s still a super powerful marketing tool that every online business owner should learn to make use of. But … there’s just one little problem …

Email marketing technology can feel confusing if you’re just starting your business or moving your business smarts online. So many software choices! So many things to set-up! Is everything really connected? 

You’re not alone!

Every one of us with a successful online business started somewhere. We had our own marketing technology stumbles or some curses at our computer screen.  We wish we’d had more help or someone to hold our hand while we figured out those techie bits that don’t seem user-friendly at all.

Good news for you – I have a geeky friend who likes th etech stuff! She's ready to end those headaches and help you on your own email marketing path! I wish I’d had this kind of support and training back when I was figuring out my email software!

Jennifer Burke at Mighty Marketing Mojo has her new course  Hell Yeah You CAN Start Your Email List – Even If You’re Not Techie               << INSERT YOUR LIKNK https://www.mightymarketingmojo.com/go/aff/go/XXXXX?i=9 >>. Over 4 lessons she will get you set up smart from the start with your email marketing systems, showing you inside the tool, and giving you plenty of support along the way. She promises that you’ll have your email system ready to rock and collect new contacts by the end of the program.

>> Click here to learn more and join the program today  INSERT YOUR LINK https://www.mightymarketingmojo.com/go/aff/go/XXXXX?i=9 >>

[Your preferred sign-off ] 

Email #2

Possible Subjects:

>> The fastest path to growing your biz is to grow your email list >> 

>>The 4 steps to setting up your email list for success from the start >>

[your preferred salutation/opener ]

There are so many content options out there for our marketing toolkits these days. Podcasts, video blogs or YouTube channels, TikTok, Facebook, blog posts, and more. But don’t forget email! 

Of all the content marketing, email can be among the most important. It’s a marketing tool AND a business asset – along with your website, it’s the platform you own and control. You get to decide what is sent and when, what links you send, and you can build your relationships with potential customers or clients.

Seriously, the fastest path to growing your business is to grow your own email list!

Wow it feels good when people claim our free gifts and sign up for our list. It’s proof we’re doing the right things. We are on our way to building a successful business.


But what if you aren’t nurturing  your list or sending offers, because you haven’t got an email list yet? Because some part of the email marketing technology setup caused you stumbles or to pull your hair out and yell ‘STOP!’ 

If that’s you, I've got something to tell you about ...

My friend Jennifer Burke has put together something new to help online biz owners like you

The  Hell Yeah You CAN Start Your Email List – Even If You’re Not Techie  program  << INSERT YOUR LINK

https://www.mightymarketingmojo.com/go/aff/go/XXXXX?i=9 >> is designed to help folks like you.

At the end of 4 lessons you will:

  • Have  your email marketing service setup- with a list, your first form, how to add your contacts - you will be ready to build that list! 
  • Connect email to your WordPress-based website - so you can move people from your blog posts and your pages to your email list 
  • Know the other items you need on your site - landing pages, thank you pages, why you deliver your gift via email and more
  • Brainstorm your free gift/lead magnet is and know how to deliver it
  • Understand the different kinds of emails to send, starting with your welcome series - you will be on the path to creating an engaged email community

Remember, getting your own email setup for success gives you the power of one of the best business investments you could make – building your own email list.

Go here to get all the details and join today  >> INSERT YOUR LINK https://www.mightymarketingmojo.com/go/aff/go/XXXXX?i=9  >>

[Your preferred sign-off/closing]

Email #3

Possible Subject

>> What difference would an email list make for your business? >>

[Your preferred opening/salutation]

Imagine for a minute that you’ve done it – you’ve started your email list. Now think about what a difference it could make for your business when you add 100 people? When you’ve added 500 people?  What about when you grow and add 1,000 or even 2,000 people to your very own email list?


Exciting to think about, isn't it?!

What if you weren’t scrambling to post things on social media, always at the mercy of their rules and algorithm changes?

What if you didn’t have any more struggles with confusing technology to figure out?

What if … you just had starting an email list SOLVED.

You can start dreaming of building an engaged email community that can’t wait to hear from you.

And you can dream of launching a course, a digital product, your services and there are people eager to buy from you because they know you.

It’s not a dream!

When you have your own engaged email list – at ANY size – you have a community that knows, likes, and trusts you. A community that you can make offers to and build your business with.

I know the power of email marketing and what it’s done for my business.

It’s why I’m so excited to share that there IS a solution out there for you and it’s not hard, long, complicated or expensive.

Check out this 4-week, hands-on, super suppotive training called Hell Yeah You CAN Start Your Email List - Even If You're Not Techie >> INSERT YOUR LINK https://www.mightymarketingmojo.com/go/aff/go/XXXXX?i=9  >> and you will see that Jennifer is promising if you do the work for 6-weeks, you WILL have your email headache solved.

Jennifer Burke of Mighty Marketing Mojo is taking her geeky marketing smarts and showing you exactly how to get your list setup and started so you can build and grow.

Go take real action, no more dreaming or waiting or what ifs. >> INSERT YOUR LINK https://www.mightymarketingmojo.com/go/aff/go/XXXXX?i=9  >>

[your preferred closing]

Email #4

Possible Subjects

>> Isn't it time you started your own list? >>

>> Still interested in creating your own email list? >>

>> Time's running out to start this LIVE email training >>

I'm curious, does this sound familiar ...

You have a lot of experience in your niche, but it’s taking so much work to attract new clients with social posts or a blog post here and there.

You’ve heard all the advice and know you should have an email list, but the darn technology keeps getting in your way.

You really do want to create a community of your own, but you’re worried about how to get things connected and working. So you just haven't done it yet.

Opt-in forms, auto-responders, landing pages, lead magnets, and so many email service options! It can feel like a big headache.

If this feels all too familiar, you’re not alone! Thousands of online entrepreneurs are in the same boat.

But today I want to help you change that. It's never too late to start taking action in your business, but it's nearly too late to get this new training that starts soon! 

I’ve already seen the power of email in my business, and I want the same for you.

Jennifer Burke of Mighty Marketing Mojo has the new Hell Yeah You CAN Start Your Email List – Even If You’re Not Techie >> INSERT YOUR LINK https://www.mightymarketingmojo.com/go/aff/go/XXXXX?i=9 >>  program, designed to get your email list setup so you CAN grow and build. No more headaches.

And right now that program has LIVE hands-on teaching and support from Jennifer, plus group accountability and even a BONUS of a 1:1 call with Jennifer to get you setup.

The 4-week live training is about to start so don’t miss your chance to ditch all those “buts” and just take smart action!

Get the hands-on training, group accountability, live support and your own email list started now, for just $197.

Grab this training >> INSERT YOUR LINK https://www.mightymarketingmojo.com/go/aff/go/XXXXX?i=9 >> and get your email started right, right now!

[your preferred sign-off/closing]

Social Posts - Facebook + Twitter

You’re dreaming of your own online business, working on your laptop from anywhere. Cool! But how will people know about you? How will you make sure your offers get seen?

Hint: Social media shows things and reaches people on ITS terms, not yours.

So …. Email.

Email isn’t dead and it’s the content platform YOU own. You can reach people on YOUR terms and know your offers get to them.

If your business doesn’t have an email list yet, now is the time to get started! And this hands-on, supportive training shows you the way to set up your email for success, step-by-step.

Grab this training  Hell Yeah You CAN Start Your Email List – Even If You’re Not Techie >> INSERT YOUR LINK https://www.mightymarketingmojo.com/go/aff/go/XXXXX?i=9 >>  from my pal Jennifer Burke of Mighty Marketing Mojo

They say “build your list!” 

They say “the money’s in the list!”

They’re right.

But what if your business doesn’t HAVE an email list yet? It’s hard to grow or make offers if you don’t have anyone to email or if the email technology has you stumped.

Good thing this easy, hands on training is here to help your online business get its email started and rocking right now. Hell Yeah You CAN Start Your Email List – Even If You’re Not Techie >> INSERT YOUR LINK https://www.mightymarketingmojo.com/go/aff/go/XXXXX?i=9 >>

Do you wish you had started building your business’s email list sooner? Good news – it’s never too late to get started!

Jennifer Burke of Mighty Marketing Mojo has a supportive, hands-on new training to get your email list jumpstarted and setup for success! No more tech stumbles, no more wondering what comes next. Discover the steps to get started and start growing your list so you can make offers and sales to your audience on YOUR terms!  Hell Yeah You CAN Start Your Email List – Even If You’re Not Techie >> INSERT YOUR LINK https://www.mightymarketingmojo.com/go/aff/go/XXXXX?i=9 >>

Hey biz owners – you can’t work on building your list until you HAVE an email list. Get started now!  Hell Yeah You CAN Start Your Email List – Even If You’re Not Techie >> INSERT YOUR LINK https://www.mightymarketingmojo.com/go/aff/go/XXXXX?i=9 >>

Every online biz starts at zero when they grow their email list. It’s always a good time to get started! The only way to get a bigger list is to start and take consistent action every day. Learn how to get started: Hell Yeah You CAN Start Your Email List – Even If You’re Not Techie >> INSERT YOUR LINK https://www.mightymarketingmojo.com/go/aff/go/XXXXX?i=9 >>

You have to have a good relationship with your audience if you want to convert them to customers – email marketing helps you do that. Learn how to get your list started today. Hell Yeah You CAN Start Your Email List – Even If You’re Not Techie >> INSERT YOUR LINK https://www.mightymarketingmojo.com/go/aff/go/XXXXX?i=9 >>

Email is easy .. if you want it to be. Simplify before you get complicated. This training is the simple way to get your email marketing started. Hell Yeah You CAN Start Your Email List – Even If You’re Not Techie >> INSERT YOUR LINK https://www.mightymarketingmojo.com/go/aff/go/XXXXX?i=9 >>

Mighty Content Repurposing Workshop

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Mighty Content Repurposing Checklists - digital product

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Mightier Marketing with Trello - training

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Borrow My Brain - private coaching

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