Feeling Stumped About the Tech In Your Business? or HOW to Get a Marketing Task DONE? ASK ME!

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My Tech Therapy Hangout mastermind members get to ask me any kind of question and get support for their online business every month. This is YOUR opportunity to Ask Me Anything about the tools, software or the how-to's in your online business.

I'll do my best to answer and provide resources and advice. Questions are answered via video/text/blog post. They will be available to you and the rest of my Mighty Pals community. Tell me if you're ok with me sharing your name or business or if you want to stay just a general Mighty Pal. 😊


✅ Please submit one question at at time

✅ If you have multiple questions, just submit this form multiple times.

✅ Ask anything. If your question is too individualized, I may respond to your question privately. I may also suggest a Borrow My Brain consulting session.

What could you ask me?

Nearly anything tech related or about the how-to of your content marketing:

📨 Especially email marketing – choosing email software, switching systems, why one vs another, what I’ve used (why i may be switching again), what makes good lead magnet/freebie, how to deliver it, different welcome series for different freebies?  Let’s talk tags – and segments or groups; open rates, re-engagement, cold lists; how-to build list, etc

🛒Or questions on shopping carts – where to start, why I'm moving to ThriveCart and why i wished id done it years ago (yes price IS going up)

🎥 Questions on videos – video software, making short social videos, repurposing videos

❓🤔 Sample questions I’ve been asked in past AMAs :

    • How to remove yourself as the bottle neck in content creation
    • How many emails in welcome series – and do you have a different one for each opt-in
    • Where do I start with automation in my business?
    • Finding/making time for marketing – especially content and writing sending emails  – how to organize or make better use of time
    • Can I grow and market without social media, especially Facebook?
    • MailerLite vs Convert Kit vs other options?  Or does X course platform have email and can I use that?

(But feel free to ask something similar if this is also you and what's on your mind! )

Ask Me Anything
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