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Mighty Marketing SMART Goals Give Business Clarity Direction

Know Where Your Business is Going with SMART Goals

It’s Wise to Plan Out Where Your Business Marketing Is Going with SMART Goals If there’s one thing that keeps many solopreneurs stuck, its lack of clarity. You know you’re so much happier being a solopreneur instead of spinning your wheels at a soul-sucking job. But many days you aren’t clear on what steps to […]

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Mighty Marketing Mojo Don't Write a Big Marketing Plan Focus on Action steps

Hot Take – Don’t Write a Big Marketing Plan

Hey Solopreneurs! You Need a Marketing Action List More than You Need a Full Blown 12-Month Plan Here’s a serious hot take from a former ad exec and a current marketing consultant, coach and trainer – how about NOT writing out a full 12 month marketing plan! “What’s happened to you Jennifer?!” you’re wondering. I […]

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Spend 25% of time on marketing

Are you overwhelmed thinking of marketing strategy?

Strategy ALWAYS needs to come first! But are you overwhelmed thinking about your marketing strategy? It’s easy to feel overwhelmed After all, in the early stages of a business, a start-up, or even a non-profit org – you may have to  spend up to 50% of your time on non-billable, non-client or patron oriented activities.  […]

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