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Trello for More Organized Marketing and 3 Alternatives

I Keep Coming Back to Trello After Trying Top Alternative Planning Tools Yes, I’m a pretty unabashed Trello fan and longtime user. Well, I’ve been using it since at least 2014, so 6 years is a LONG time in tech time! 😊 I’ve tried a lot of planning and project tools but Trello is the […]

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Mighty Marketing Mojo Switching Email Marketing Services post

Lessons Learned in Changing Email Marketing Services – AWeber to ActiveCampaign

What You Can Learn From My Decision to Finally Change Email Marketing Providers and My Migration to ActiveCampaign After hemming and hawing for months, maybe more like a year+, researching, and wondering if I should switch email marketing systems … I finally made the decision and started the process to migrate from one email marketing […]

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Solopreneurs Know Your Productivity Sweet Spots

Solopreneurs – Find What Works for YOU for Productivity and Run Your Business, Don’t Let it Run You! There are soooo many tips out there all saying they have the secrets, magic, or right way for people, especially entrepreneurs, to be oh so very productive in their business. Maybe you’ve heard of or tried: miracle […]

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How Anyone Can Mind Map to Brainstorm for Content Creation

Let’s use Mind Mapping to Brainstorm and Organize Ideas for Content Creation I said in an earlier post this winter that I’d talk about using mind maps to help with generating ideas on a topic to write about, do a podcast on, or create videos for your audience. Mind maps can help you organize your […]

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Where Do You Research For Content Creation

Where Do You Research for Content Creation Help? You’ve done some brainstorming and you are coming up with new ideas to write, blog, or create videos on for your audience. But now you’re really working on the actual writing, sweating out creating the work.  You’re looking for things to add, examples or data, a case […]

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SEO Success Factors Infographic

The Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors Is a Beautiful Thing! Search Engine Land rarely steers anyone wrong. They do the research, ferret out what’s really going on, know their stuff and don’t pull punches. They report on the good, bad and ugly of search and have great stuff demystifying SEO. Creating great, solid, engaging, […]

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Sharing on Social Media Isn’t Enough

Sharing isn’t enough … you have to measure and track too Social Media has become one of the great equalizers in communicating with audiences and customers – anyone from a solopreneur to GM to your local library can use it effectively. But to know what ‘effective’ means, you have to know what is actually going […]

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